This artist’s Dishonored-inspired mutation is incredible

Let’s not child ourselves here. The internet is a terrible place. But sometimes, smashing people step in to make it a small reduction horrible. Such is a box with a smashing bit of art from a Redditor famous as atypicalgamergirl, who transformed a associate Dishonored fan into a mural estimable of any manse in Dunwall.

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And that mural came as only a pointless act of kindness. An out-of-the-blue “Dishonoredification,” if we will. It’s a beautiful bit of work, and a same artist has an array of nerdy portraits including both Dishonored characters and those from other series, like a Witcher. Check it all out, though please, greatfully don’t desire for giveaway art. That’s not cool.

Lest we forget, Death of a Outsider, a standalone follow-up to Dishonored 2, will be out on Sep 15. We spoke to artistic executive Harvey Smith on a hurdles of essay and conceptualizing a new content, so give that a read.

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