This 10mm battery depot ratchet creates my almighty screwing adult …

My cars and bikes have a batteries in tough to strech places. This 10mm battery depot rachet helps out!

In prepping a Vanagon Westy for a prolonged roadtrip, we found I’ve killed my residence battery. we systematic adult a deputy though dreaded removing into a battery box. In a Vanagon, Volkswagen hides a batteries underneath a newcomer and drivers seats. Getting during these battery terminals is a comedy of errors and blood. I’d go so distant as to contend a blood was compulsatory until we got this accessible rachet during Harbor Freight.

It is small. It fits where we need it to. It is a rachet, and as such we am not constantly perplexing to re-seat a fucker while zapping myself opposite a grounded battery box in a thoughtlessly engineered parsimonious space. At slightest VW put a cover on a battery box, albiet a conductive steel one. My ’78 Audi 5000, a indication with occasional self-determination, had a newcomer dais burnt with splashed battery poison from another VW/Audi underseat battery adventure.

10mm Side-Terminal Battery Reversible Ratchet Wrench Chrome-Plated around Amazon


Jason Weisberger

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