They’re Here: 80 New Gen 2 Monsters Released In ‘Pokémon GO’

Image: Niantic

Get out there and locate ’em all. Pokémon GO only combined 80 new creatures from a second era of Pokémon games into a massively renouned mobile game, stuffing a universe with new creatures to locate for a initial time given launch. This isn’t a initial time we’ve seen new creatures from Gold and Silver, though this is a initial time any of them have been out there in a wild. It’s a exhale of uninformed atmosphere for trainers that held all — or many — of a strange Pokémon months ago and have been watchful for new creatures ever since.

The refurbish also brings new changes to a approach that Pokémon encounters are handled, dual new berry forms to make life easier for determined trainer, and new customization options to keep all a characters from looking accurately a same. It might not be a thespian alleviation some were anticipating for, though all of these quality-of-life improvements were many positively needed.

It stays to be seen either or not a distillate of new creatures can yield a new detonate of life for a bum mega-hit. Pokémon GO has suffered from a flagging user bottom ever given a initial few weeks, and many have been looking brazen to a introduction of Gen 2 monsters as a approach to move a diversion behind to a tip of a app charts. Many long-awaited facilities are still missing, however, including trading, PvP battles and a new fight complement to reinstate a peculiar and infrequently treacherous battles now in a game.

Will Pokémon GO be means to redeem a standing as a undisputed champion of a App Store? Or will it continue to remove belligerent to games that support to an obsessively rival throng like Game of War: Fire Age and Clash Royale? We’ll see. This diversion hasn’t always had an easy time of it, though it stays one of a many singular practice accessible in video games today.

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