These New ‘Overwatch’ Anniversary Skins Are So Awesome

The Overwatch anniversary eventuality is live, and with it comes a value trove of new goodies, from emotes to sprays to a whole garland of new skins. As usual, it’s a skins that pleasure me a most, and Blizzard has some truly extraordinary ones for we to grub for (or, some-more than likely, spend income on.)

You can see them all in a gallery below. Here are a few of my favorites:

‘Sentai’ Genji

Credit: Blizzard

This immature ‘Sentai’ Genji is only about a coolest skin for a ninja impression I’ve seen nonetheless in this game. As with all these, that skin is best is eventually a toss-up though this is certainly cool. It’s got that Super Sentai/Power Rangers vibe.

‘Cruiser’ D.Va

Credit: Blizzard

Until recently, D.Va was substantially a many lacking Overwatch character when it came to cold skins. Officer D.Va was flattering cool, though we adore this 50s’ pin-up impression Cruiser D.Va.

‘Dune Buggy’ Bastion

Credit: Blizzard

All a new robotic skins are awesome, though we consider Dune Buggy Basion takes a cake. That orange piping is only too cool. Even his bird messenger is some-more badass than usual.

Cyborg: 76

Credit: Blizzard

I’m a outrageous Soldier 76 fan that substantially creates me a dirty infrequent in Overwatch terms, and I’m fine with that. The initial skin we ever bought in the diversion was for Soldier 76. we wish we get this one, too.

‘Bedouin’ Pharah

Credit: Blizzard

Pharah is half Egyptian and half First Nations, so her skins are mostly a cold informative brew of Native American art and Egyptian symbols. This one is no exception, and it looks fantastic. Naturally, this arrange of informative illustration is controversial, and has been lambasted as “appropriation.” Frankly, I’m only blissful to see mixed informative groups all in one diversion together.

‘Jazzy’ Lucio

Credit: Blizzard

Lucio looks classier than ever in this “Jazzy” skin. He’s already got some flattering good skins, though this one is only pristine fun.

Which one do we like best? Honestly, it was tough picking only 6 out of a eleven new mythological skins to list here. The full collection can be noticed in a next gallery. Oasis Symettra and Cyberian Zarya are also unequivocally cool. Check it out:

I’m a small unhappy that Blizzard didn’t embody skins for during slightest all a strange characters in this update. Where is my Junkrat? My Torjborn? Mercy has some of a best skins, though that doesn’t meant she should be left out! What about Reinhardt? For an anniversary we roughly wish each impression had a new legendary. Then again, how would we ever collect them all?

I’ll be personification a anniversary eventuality and stating behind on my findings. I’m generally extraordinary to try these new smaller locus matches. See we there.

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