These ‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ Cosplays Will Blow You Away

cosplayer who looks like they were innate to play a purpose of a certain character. Today, we’re checking out a few cosplays from “MsSkunk” (Sophia), who was apparently innate to play dual characters. First, check out this implausible Horizon: Zero Dawn cosplay, depicting Sophia as Aloy, a game’s protagonist:

msskunnk aloy
(Photo: MsSkunk around DeviantArt)

Head to toe, this is a ideal live-action distraction of Aloy as we know her from a game. Her hair, her clothes, even down to a crawl and arrow, this outfit represents some of a best craftsmanship we’ve seen from a cosplayer in a while. We’ve seen a lot of gifted people sporting some flattering considerable Aloy cosplays, though that face and hair isn’t something we can chuck together in a sauce room. The “focus” in her ear, and a child contingency have been tradition built as well.

But as shortly as we saw this image, we now suspicion of another character. That grave and focused demeanour on her face, and that blazing red hair, done us consider of Ygritte from Game of Thrones. Sure enough, a discerning peek during MsSkunk’s DeviantArt gallery and we found out that she plays a ideal Ygritte as well. Check this out:

msskunk ygritte
(Photo: MsSkunk around DeviantArt)

Straight out of a solidified north, everyone’s favorite wildling has been industriously revived. MsSkunk seems to have a knack for redheads with bows and arrows, and we can’t appreciate her adequate for it. With a difference of Rose Leslie herself, we don’t consider we’ve ever seen a some-more good depiction of Ygritte. The costume, as good as a props, are only so on-point.


If we wish to check out some-more of MsSkunk’s cosplay, we can also find her here on Instagram. A discerning demeanour during her new work shows that she’s operative on a new Assassin’s Creed Odyssey cosplay. She’ll be personification as Kassandra, and we can get a initial demeanour during her armor and dress as it’s entrance together.

We’ll be gripping an eye out for that one, though in a meantime, let us know what we consider of her Aloy and Ygritte in a comments below? Do we have another favorite cosplayer that we consider we should prominence here? Drop us a line and let us know where we can find them!