These are a tip 5 Dragon-type Pokémon accessible in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon

Dragon-type Pokémon were once a strongest form Pokémon in a game—and afterwards Pokémon X and Y came along.

In a rival format dominated by Fairy-type Pokémon, a Dragon-type Pokémon’s biggest weakness, selecting a right Dragon-type Pokémon for your group that can tarry a angel assault is critical to your success. Some Pokémon can usually be degraded by Dragon-types, definition players need to micromanage their group to save their Dragon-type for when they need it most.

Arguably, Dragon-type Pokémon have spin weaker given a introduction of Fairy-type Pokémon in X and Y and would have been lost about if not for one feature—Mega Evolution. Some of a strongest dragons on this list rest heavily on Mega Evolution to get a best out of their abilities while others can tarry on tender ability alone.

All Pokémon in this list are catchable in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon. Some stronger Water-type Pokémon, however, can be eliminated from another diversion in a Pokémon series to Pokémon Ultra and Moon by a Pokémon Bank if we wish to use something else. Pokémon Bank is accessible on a Nintendo 3DS eshop for a tiny yearly let charge.

Ultra Necrozma

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Type: Psychic/Dragon

Ultra Necrozma is a multiple of Necrozma and possibly Solgaleo or Lunala. Players can Mega Evolve these combinations in conflict to benefit entrance to Ultra Necrozma.

This Dragon-type Pokémon is arguably a best Pokémon in a whole diversion and in all Pokémon games ever released. It has a top base-stats of any other Pokémon, vouchsafing it understanding a ton of repairs to whoever it is adult against. Even opposite Fairy-type Pokémon, Ultra Necrozma can reason a ground.

It also has entrance to an disdainful Z-Move that can destroy scarcely each other Pokémon in one hit. In some instances, a Z-Move can take a full health Pokémon down to 0 HP in a matter of seconds.


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Type: Dragon/Flying

Players can find Rayquaza in a Red Ultra Wormhole if a actor has a Kyogre and Groudon in their party. It is spin 60, so be certain to come prepared.

Rayquaza was a best Dragon-type Pokémon ever until Ultra Necrozma came along—but it is still flattering good for each group combination imaginable.

Just like Ultra Necrozma, Rayquaza is best used in a Mega Evolution form. In this form, Rayquaza gains entrance to a ability Delta Stream, that is arguably a strongest ability in all of a Pokémon games.

Delta Stream causes moves that would be super effective opposite pristine Flying-type Pokémon to understanding neutral repairs instead. This allows players to use a Flying-type Pokémon opposite a weakest matchup with no consequence. The ability also stops an hostile Pokémon from regulating moves that would change a weather, such as Rain Dance and Sunny Day.


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Type: Dragon/Fighting

In sequence to get Kommo-o, players will need to locate possibly a Jangmo-o or a Hakamo-o from Vast Poni Canyon and develop it to spin 45. It will afterwards develop into a Kommo-o.

In Sun and Moon, Kommo-o was one of a weakest Dragon-type Pokémon. It was impossibly diseased and could be taken down in a few hits from any form of move.

In Ultra Sun and Moon, however, Kommo-o perceived a buff. It gained entrance to a pierce Close Combat, that can understanding a ton of repairs to an hostile Pokémon and in general, is a lot worse than it once was.

Kommo-o is one of a some-more unsure picks in a metagame. It is fun to use in a infrequent play though for a rival prepared team, we competence wish to go elsewhere.


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Type: Dragon/Flying

Players can find a Bagon in Route 3 or Kala’e Bay. It can afterwards develop into a Salamence once it reaches spin 50.

Slamence’s strength come from twin graphic abilities.

By carrying a special ability be Intimidate, Salamence can break a conflict stat of hostile Pokémon, creation them significantly weaker. This is critical in double battles as it can spin a waves of a compare to your preference with a right setup.

The other graphic ability, usually like Rayquaza and Necrozma, is a ability to Mega Evolve. When it Mega Evolves, Salamence becomes a tank for your group that is means to understanding out tons of damage, a speed also increases definition we can strike tough and quick opposite an hostile team.


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Type: Poison/Dragon

Naganadel is a Pokémon disdainful to Ultra Sun and Moon. Players will be given UB Adhesive after completing a diversion by a Ultra Recon Squad. UB Adhesive can afterwards be developed into Naganadel by leveling it adult when it knows a pierce Dragon Pulse.

Naganadel is a usually Pokémon on a list that is not diseased to Fairy-type moves. Due to a singular twin typing, Fairy-type moves usually deals unchanging repairs to Naganadel instead of being super effective, creation it a ideal Dragon-type for your rival team.

It is substantially a strongest competitively viable Dragon-type on this list. Both Ultra Necrozma and Rayquaza are criminialized in rival play, withdrawal a doorway open for Nagandel to fill a container that would differently be taken by one of a twin mythological Pokémon.

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