These Are a Most Popular Pokemon from Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Pokemon from Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Earlier today, a Nintendo Dream Japan magazine released a ranking of a 6 many renouned Pokemon from Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Only “new” Pokemon initial seen in a Alola Region were eligible, definition that long-lived favorites like Pikachu or Eevee weren’t eligible.

Topping a list is Rowlet, a darling owl-like Grass-Type Starter Pokemon. Rowlet has had a large fanbase given it was initial introduced in Feb 2016, so it shouldn’t be a warn that it manners a roost among a Alolan kin.

Coming in second is Mimikyu, a Ghost/Fairy-Type Pokemon that wears a creepy dress that resembles Pikachu. Mimikyu has gotten a possess thesis strain and done an coming during final year’s Pikachu Outbreak Festival in Japan, so a coming on a list isn’t accurately a warn either.

However, a rest of a list does enclose a few surprises. Coming in third is Primarina, a entirely developed form of Popplio. Primarina’s pattern perceived some critique online when it was initial introduced, yet fans have rallied around it and praised it for not descending into a stereotypes of normal Starter Pokemon. Still, Primarina hasn’t perceived nearby as many courtesy from a Pokemon authorization as Rowlet or Mimikyu.

Coming in fourth is a Alolan Vulpix, that isn’t too startling given how darling it is. Vulpix has always been renouned and branch it into a sleet fox in a new diversion was desirous work. In fifth place is a Dusk Form Lycanroc, a Pokemon that can usually be performed around special means in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Lycanroc has been featured in a anime heavily, so many fans shouldn’t be repelled that it done a list either.

Rounding out a “top six” is Alolan Raichu, that is another surprise. Raichu has never unequivocally had many of a fanbase due to Pikachu hogging a spotlight, and Alolan Raichu hasn’t gotten many in a games besides a Z-Move.


Surprisingly, Litten and a evolutions didn’t make a list during all, even yet a stoic Fire-Type Pokemon was a renouned Starter for many trainers.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is now accessible for a Nintendo 3DS.