There’s a hulk Mega Man 30th anniversary PS4 gold in Japan with 19 games

Including Mega Man 11


That’s flattering most a usually greeting we had when we saw this mega-bundle for sale on a Japanese PSN. It’s an avalanche of Mega Man, including Rockman 11, Rockman Classics Collection 1, Rockman Classics Collection 2, Rockman X Anniversary Collection 1, and Rockman X Anniversary Collection 2 — on tip of several bonuses like 4 themes and an swap song DLC. In all that comes to 19 games, that will run we 13,990 yen (roughly $126). 

To re-iterate, that includes Mega Man 11, that is going to be $30 all on a possess when it arrives after this year, as good as a arriving $40 (total) Mega Man X Collections. Putting a other classical collections during $20 any MSRP, you’re fundamentally profitable $16 or so for a extras and a convenience. All this is converted into USD by a approach only to be transparent — in Japan a collections are a small pricier so it mostly evens out over there. If this gold ever comes west it’ll substantially be a small reduction to compensate.

I pennyless it down so we don’t have to!

Rockman [PSN around Rockman Corner]

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