There’s a Final Fantasy XV mod to reinstate Ardyn with Jafar

This works on so many levels

It warms my heart to see modders let lax in Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition.

We’ve got folks decking Ignis out in full cook attire, a guest entrance from Xenoblade ChroniclesMonado, and NieR: Automata‘s 2B holding a mangle from all a bloody drudge massacre for a highway outing with a boys. It’s usually been a integrate of months, though a FFXV modding stage is entrance together.

I recently ran by a many renouned mods on Steam Workshop when something held my eye.

Could it be…?

Jafar is a ideal fit for FFXV

Jafar is a ideal fit for FFXV

With an support from DeviantArt’s silverhikari, Final Fantasy XV modder AaronTheSnob had a stupid nonetheless shining thought to barter a game’s conniving criminal Ardyn with nothing other than Aladdin‘s Jafar.

I adore all about this thought and how it’ll impact certain scenes. You can download a mod right here or demeanour during some increasingly outlandish screenshots in a gallery below. Good stuff, my dude.

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