Then Vs Now: A Comparison Of Game Graphics During a Past 20 Years

Then vs now diversion graphics Dreamcast and PlayStation 4.

Game graphics have come a prolonged approach in time. While during one indicate gamers were vehement to see a tiny white round rebound behind and onward opposite a screen, today people design photo-realism from many AAA games.

To assistance underscore how distant we’ve come, let’s demeanour during a hardware and diversion screenshots from a past 20 years of consoles.

12. Sega Dreamcast

Release Year: 1998

Hardware: 100MHz PowerVR2 GPU – 1.4 GFLOPS

Notable Games:

Shenmue II

Jet Set Radio

11. Sony PlayStation 2

Sony PlayStation 2.

Release Year: 2000

Hardware: 150MHz Graphics Synthesizer – 6.2 GFLOPS

Notable Games: 

God of War II

Metal Gear Solid III: Snake Eater

12. Nintendo GameCube

Release Year: 2001

Hardware: Flipper GPU – 9.4GFLOPS

Notable Games: 

Super Mario Sunshine

Metroid Prime 2 Echoes

11. Microsoft Xbox

Release Year: 2001

Hardware: Nvidia NV2A – 20 GFLOPS

Notable Games: 

Ninja Gaiden Black

8. Microsoft Xbox 360

Release Year: 2005

GPU: 500MHz ATI Xenos – 240 GFLOPS

Notable Game: 

Forza Motorsport 4

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

7. Nintendo Wii

Release Year: 2006

Hardware: 243MHz ATI Hollywood GPU – 12 GFLOPS

Notable Games: 

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Donkey Kong Country Returns

6. Sony PlayStation 3

Release Year: 2006

Hardware: Nvidia RSX Reality Synthesizer – 230 GFLOPS

Notable Games: 

Killzone 3

Gran Turismo 6

5. Nintendo Wii U

Release Year: 2012

GPU: 550MHz AMD Latte- 352 GFLOPS

Notable Games: 

Super Mario 3D World

Xenoblade Chronicles X

4. Nintendo Switch

Release Year: 2017

GPU: Nvidia Tegra – 400GFLOPS~

Notable Games: 

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild


3. Microsoft Xbox One

Release Year: 2013

GPU: AMD Radeon – 1.31 TFLOPS

Notable Games: 

Quantum Break

Forza Horizon 3

2. Sony PlayStation 4

Release Year: 2013

GPU: AMD Radeon – 1.8TFLOPS

Notable Games: 

God of War

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

1. Gaming PC

Release Year: Infinity and beyond

GPU: Nvidia Titan V – 110TFLOPS

Notable Games: 

League of Legends (lol)

World of Warcraft (lol)

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