The Weekend In Esports: Overwatch Contenders Starts For Real

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It’s a quieter weekend in a universe of pro gaming compared to progressing in a month, though there’s still copiousness going on, generally if you’re an Overwatch fan.

While lots of income changes hands as a belligerent work gets laid for Blizzard’s premier Overwatch League, a game’s reduce tiers continue to grow into their possess with a start of a Overwatch Contenders Season 1 that strictly kicks-off this weekend. We got a ambience of a joining during a open subordinate theatre progressing this year, and now after eighteen teams from opposite both North America and Europe have been comparison to compete, we’ll get to see how play evolves over a entrance months.


If you’re not a fan of staying adult late to watch South Korea’s APEX joining live, Contenders is a good place to start, and will be a good exam of how tolerable a game’s flourishing rival theatre is outward of Asia.

Below you’ll find where and when we can locate all a weekend’s biggest events in rival gaming. Let us know what you’ll be examination in a comments or if we consider there’s something we competence have missed.


It’s a packaged integrate of days for Blizzard’s team-based shooter with matches going on opposite a handful of manifold tournaments. First there’s deteriorate 1 of Overwatch Contenders, that will see Misfits face Cloud9 now during 1:00PM EDT, followed after by eUnited vs. Team Gigantti during 3:00PM, Immortals vs. EnVyUs around 5:00PM, and finally Rogue vs. EnVision around 7:00PM.


Matches afterwards continue on Sunday starting during 1:00PM EDT with 123 vs. Team Singularity and will continue into a afternoon.Those matches will be streaming below.

Next there’s turn 5 in a swiss organisation theatre of China’s Overwatch Championship Series Season 1. Those matches start Sunday during 7:00AM EDT with 7th Heaven vs. Crest Gaming that we can watch here.

And finally we can locate a Overwatch Pacific Championship Season 2 here, with matches commencement during 4:00AM EDT Sunday morning starting with Libalent vs. HKA.

League of Legends

The quarterfinals hang adult this weekend in Europe with Misfits now battling Unicorns of Love for a possibility to face Fnatic in a semis, while G2 Esports face Splyce on Sunday during 11:00AM EDT. Then in North America Cloud9 take on Team Dignitas now during 3:00PM EDT followed on Sunday by Counter Logic Gaming vs. Team Envy during a same time. The winners of those dual best-of-five array will afterwards go on to face Immortals and Team Solo Mid in a semifinals subsequent week.


A report for all of a weekends LCS matches as good as a movement in South Korea and China can be found here with all of a matches streaming live on any region’s particular channel (NA, EU, China, Korea).


The Pokémon World Championship is going on right now as well. The biggest rival Pokémon eventuality of a year, a World Championship, hosted in Anaheim, California, facilities tournaments in both a handheld games and a trade label game. Play began now during 12:00PM EDT and will go via a day, with a grand finals on a categorical theatre slated to start during 7:30PM. There’s also a Pokkén Tournament going on.

You can watch all of a Pokémon destroy one another here.

Smash Bros.

The universe of Super Smash Bros. is packaged with things to watch this weekend interjection to dual coexisting events. First, opposite a pool in Europe is Heir 4, a premier Melee contest featuring tip players from opposite a continent trimming from Armada to Jeapie. Matches are ongoing via a day now with general crews commanding things off during 2:30PM EDT. Then movement resumes on Sunday during 4:00AM with tip 8 scheduled for 1:00PM. You can watch it live right here.


Then stateside there’s SGGC: SCR Saga featuring Smash 4. ZeRo, MKLeo and a rest will be competing in California with play commencement now during 3:00PM EDT, followed by tip 8 on Sunday during 6:00PM. You can locate a infancy of those matches here. In addition, a eventuality will also underline side-tournaments in a series of other fighting games with a full report here.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The sealed qualifiers for ESL One New York 2017 are now underway with Ninjas in Pyjamas will face BIG during 2:00PM EDT today, followed by Cloud9 vs. L4Org and dual some-more matches after in a evening. You can tide those matches here.


The Gfinity Elite Series continues this weekend as well. Prophecy play Method during 1:30PM EDT, followed by EnVyUs Academy vs. Epsilon Esports during 4:30PM. You can find a finish relapse of a stream standings over during Gfinity’s website.

All of a matches will be streaming here.

Splatoon 2

You can also get your ink on with a InkStorm+ Splatoon 2 tournament. Starting now during 1:00PM EDT and Sunday during a same time, with organisation theatre play issuing into an contingent single-elimination joint after in a weekend. You can locate all of a matches here.

StarCraft II

The Master’s Coliseum continues tomorrow with a reduce joint semifinals. Dark.Sc2 will take on INnoVation Sunday morning during 8:00AM EDT followed by soO vs. Rogue an hour later.

You can watch all of a movement right here.

Rocket League

There are some-more open qualifiers for a fourth deteriorate of a Rocket League Championship Series going on this weekend. Matches start during 1:00PM EDT now and resume again on Sunday during 3:00PM.


You can find out some-more about that teams are competing here with matche streaming live here.

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