The Weapon’s Refrain

While a universe has been examination and watchful for a news that’s entrance out of E3, there’s been another eventuality that’s been grabbing attention. FFXIV’s newest Ultimate-series raid, The Weapon’s Refrain, is here, and a game’s tip raid groups have been opposed to be a initial to clear. It’s been an positively crazy week on XIV Twitch examination this unfold, with people finding what worked — and, indeed, what didn’t work — with any flitting hour. (Warning: Some spoilers for a quarrel distortion forward if we wish to go in blind.)


The quarrel is not, as was likely many months ago, Alexander ultimate. Instead, it’s a whistle-stop debate of a 3 early primals from A Realm Reborn, Titan, Garuda and Ifrit, followed by a strife with a Ultima Weapon itself. It’s impossibly considerable usually to watch — a Unending Coil of Bahamut wasn’t all that flashy, yet it was still engaging to see on streams from a automatic perspective. Ultima, though, is a genuine visible spectacle, with illusory audio to match.

It’s good, too, given these are heights many of us will never strech — we need to have beaten Kefka Savage to even get in, that usually a tiny minority of players have achieved, and even then, what’s on offer here is distant over whatever a torpedo jester throws during you. You can watch a full run of a quarrel here:

To put it in a simplest probable terms, suspect a hardest tools of a primals you’ve faced early in ARR’s story — now suspect that with no object turn advantage, or indeed any advantage during all. Then holder a problem adult by several factors, brew all together, and chuck in scores of new mechanics. To contend it’s tough is a sum understatement; this is simply some of a hardest calm in any MMORPG.

To put it in perspective, it took reduction than a day for a universe initial transparent of Sigmascape Savage. This took usually underneath a week, with a large man going down at around 13:00 UTC on Sunday to Entropy. Note that it wasn’t easy: One of those in a transparent organisation wrote on Reddit that they spent an positively infinite 21 hours in their final raid when they finally got a kill. It goes though saying, then, that normal groups who spend a few hours a week and aren’t world-standard can design to spend during slightest a few months on this.

What unequivocally creates this raid unequivocally singular is that a progressing phases have an impact on what comes later. My friends who are progging this quarrel — during a many some-more loose gait than a universe initial groups — were gratified to be means to contend they kick Garuda after a initial few hours they spent in there… Only to learn that a approach they killed her was not a scold routine during all. You see, there’s a clean a celebration can benefit by ‘waking’ a primal, in this box by holding additional repairs from Garuda. It creates a proviso some-more difficult, yet though that buff, you’ll strike a wall after on creation serve swell impossible.

It feeds into a wider feeling that we get that is that Ultimate is where a devs are doing their glorious work. That comes from someone who’s now holding a mangle from raiding. It’s a melting pot of ideas where all is thrown during a wall and tested though courtesy for how many people will be means to transparent it. But it’s transparent that this quarrel has been designed with a best — and misfortune — tools of Unending Coil in mind, with a lot of pivotal lessons learned.

The reason a world-first transparent came progressing is not that it’s easier — if anything, a latter phases are pronounced to be even harder. It’s that a problem bend hits players many some-more naturally. Nael, a second proviso of UCoB, wasn’t all that formidable mechanically, yet it was so quick that many groups were tied adult in knots by it.

With a progressing phases being easier, saying what comes towards a finish and indeed practising a mechanics is a many some-more docile process. This creates it reduction of a slugfest for groups that can’t prog for 12 hours straight, and means that swell will come during a unchanging gait for those who persevere. That’s many healthier for raid groups and a calm itself — we and many others stalled during Nael, that was a brutally revengeful hurdle.

I suspect ‘brutally unforgiving’ is a indicate of Ultimate, yet Producer Naoki Yoshida and his group seem to have strike a honeyed spot, formulating an epic, heartless quarrel that beam adult during a shining gait though losing any of a bite. By all accounts, it’s an glorious quarrel — and a stellar proof of what PvE in an MMO can demeanour like during a best.

One final thing: Back in a land of infrequent play, a greed-only 24-man raids we wrote about final week are now a thing of a past. Following estimable recoil and critique of a preference to make it so need-rolls were off-limits in fondness raids, Yoshi-P has posted on a central forums to contend that a change would be reverted and they’ve given hotfixed it into history. Rejoice!

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