The Walking Dead is removing a Pokémon Go-style AR game

The subsequent Walking Dead diversion is bringing walkers into a genuine world. Called The Walking Dead: Our World, a arriving mobile recover will be a location-based protracted existence experience, identical to Pokémon Go — usually a lot some-more gruesome. AMC says that a diversion “will capacitate players to entirely douse themselves into a movement of a strike TV uncover by consistent digital objects, such as characters and other diversion elements, with a players’ possess environment.”

Much like Pokémon Go’s entrance trailer, a initial video of Our World looks to be mostly aspirational, and doesn’t underline any approach gameplay. Instead, it shows players fighting off a undead in places like a preference store and a hospital, fending them off regulating all from guns and grenades to what looks like Michonne’s sword. There are also practical versions of some of a some-more renouned characters from a show, including Rick, Daryl, and Michonne, who will yield assist in battle.

The Walking Dead: Our World

The Walking Dead: Our World is being grown by Finnish studio Next Games, a same group behind mobile plan diversion The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, that a developer says has been downloaded some-more than 16 million times. Apple also showed a diversion off currently as partial of a new line-up of AR apps and games.

“The fans adore how a uncover encourages we to ask, ‘What would we do in a zombie apocalypse?’, and in this diversion we aim to let players try this suppositious in a approach they’ve never gifted before,” Next CEO Teemu Huuhtanen pronounced in a statement. “AR enables players to live by a quarrel for presence in a whole new approach in their informed surroundings.”

Pokémon Go has been a outrageous success over a initial year of availability, yet it never spawned a vast series of copycat AR games, as many predicted. Our World looks to be a initial vital skill to follow in Pokémon Go’s footsteps. Though either players will ride to a most some-more critical inlet of fighting zombies a approach they did with throwing pokémon stays to be seen.

No recover date has been set, though Our World will be entrance to both iOS and Android when it does launch.

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