The USgamer Podcast: Nadia is so Ready for Mega Man 11

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Who’s prepared for Mega Man 11? Nadia is. In a latest part of a USgamer Podcast, she talks about a Blue Bomber’s revival, and she, Mike, and Caty also speak Five Nights during Freddy’s reemergence, Destiny 2’s expansion, and more. (download couple here)!

To be honest, a usually thing startling about Mega Man’s lapse is that it’s taken this long. We live in an age where any sentimental property, no matter how obscure, is firm to get a reconstitute of some sort. That Capcom let Mega Man rust for this prolonged is only explanation that they essentially mistake today’s media properties. But hey, let’s not be too tough on them. Mega Man 11 is entrance soon! Hooray! Oh, and we theory there’s a new Destiny 2 expansion or something.

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Mike, Nadia, and Kat group adult to plead Hellblade’s success story [11:00], a launch of Animal Crossing on mobile, Final Fantasy XV’s weird VR fishing enlargement [29:41], and all a ways that EA has dramatically screwed adult a ongoing rob box predicament [44:04]. Warning: A Huge Rant is Approaching Fast.

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