The Top PlayStation Trophy Hunter Is Now Bagging 300 Platinums A Year

Karim was given a certificate by Guinness World Records in Sep for carrying a many bullion PSN trophies in a world.
Photo: Hakoom (Instagram)

Hakam Karim likes to collect PlayStation trophies. Like, a lot. Sony initial introduced a feat complement with a PS3’s 2.40 firmware refurbish 2. in 2008. Last week, Guinness World Records finally famous Karim, who goes by Hakoom on PSN, for his bravery with a certificate certifying him as a world’s tip bullion prize holder. He now has some-more than 1,700.

PlayStation trophies are damaged adult into 4 opposite categories: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Bronze trophies are a dime a dozen.Players mostly get them customarily for surpassing to certain points in a game. Platinum trophies are many rarer and some-more formidable to collect. While games can have mixed bronze and china trophies, they can customarily have one platinum. Some don’t have any. A customary bullion prize customarily requires a actor to clear any other prize in a game, customarily by not customarily completing it on harder problems yet also finding many of a secrets. In immeasurable games like Horizon: Zero Dawn, or notoriously severe ones like Dark Souls, they can be generally heartless to earn. Karim has platinums in both.

“There are many trophies we am unapproachable of, yet a one we remember was a Max Payne 3 prize where we had to finish a diversion yet dying,” Karim pronounced in an email to Kotaku. It’s a china prize called The Shadows Rushed Me, and it requires not customarily staying alive a whole time, yet also completing any section in a diversion within 60 seconds. Every kill a actor gets adds 5 seconds to a timer, while any headshot adds six. “That’s a prize we am many unapproachable of given of a ability and loyalty we had to put in to unlocking it and it took me about 20 hours to do (with retries of course).”

Karim starting God of War in April.
Photo: Hakoom (Instgram)

Karim, who says he is 34 years aged and lives with his family in Bahrain, started collecting trophies behind when they began in a summer of 2008. He was personification Super Stardust when he listened a iconic prize sound for a initial time after completing a game’s lava planet. His initial bullion was in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, a 2007 diversion that had them patched in. He’s been collecting ever since. During that time he’s spasmodic given adult on games that he got ill of, or when his save information got corrupted.


His initial bullion incited into hundreds, and afterwards eventually into some-more than a thousand. In a weeks given he initial submitted his collection to be accurate by Guinness, he’s accrued a few dozen more, bringing his sum adult to 1,724. Throughout many of this time Karim has managed to stay during a tip of a a prize leaderboards. He pronounced he initial approached a record vetting classification in 2011, shortly after PSN was hacked, that he says Guinness used as an forgive not to pursue his explain (Guinness is now putting together a new video game-centric record book). That didn’t deter him though. In fact, not many seems to, during slightest when it comes to his mania with PSN trophies.

If he were to let adult a grind, other players competence eventually locate adult and pass him. According to a prize tracking website PSN Profiles, there’s customarily one other actor now within spitting stretch of Karim. They go by a hoop Roughdawg4 and now have 1,723 bullion trophies, customarily one behind Karim.

Karim announcing his 1,200 bullion prize behind in Apr of 2017.

In an email, however, he was dismissive this possibility. “I do not have any rivals currently,” he said. “You will know since in a few weeks.” He pronounced he does still feel vigour to be constantly personification though. As a result, he games opposite PS4, Vita, and PS3 even. It might be obsolete, yet it still depends to players’ prize totals. He claims to possess mixed of any console as well, customarily in case, including 6 Vitas. Of all a diversion he completes, he says that some he buys himself while others are lent to him by friends or sent to him by fans.


Karim says he used to work during a financial services organisation as an operative until it sealed a few years back, afterwards did a dual year army with Bloomberg in Bahrain before that bureau also closed. Now he says he creates do feeding his bullion mania by a multiple of family support, a supervision matrimony allowance, renting out his immeasurable collection of visible novel games, and in some singular instances removing income from other players who compensate him to bullion games for them. Those paid bullion gigs, he says, in some cases go for as small as $20 or as many as $500. According to Karim, he doesn’t bullion a games himself in these instances, however, yet instead passes a information on to other friends, holding customarily a finder’s fee. “It’s like a man comes to a emporium and buys things—I don’t ask him “why did we squeeze this or that,” we take a income and do a pursuit for him. Or in this case, his friends do. He stresses that deals like this aren’t really common though, and mostly it’s customarily about fans and supporters wanting to minister to his ongoing project.

Trophies prepared for Sony’s ad about Vita remote play with a PS4.
Photo: DeeThree3D (Instagram)

His following on YouTube has also continued to grow with videos about several prize milestones garnering hundreds of thousands of views and brings in additional income. In total, he says it’s adequate for him, his wife, and son to get by, yet zero glorious. In fact, it seems altogether like a exhausting hobby. One design on Karim’s Instagram shows him looking tiredly down during his Vita with a heading “Playing some tedious shit.”


“I can't play a diversion we wish to play for fun, for example,” he said. “If we wanted to play a multiplayer diversion we can’t given we have to keep unlocking trophies in other games to keep my rank. Sadly, a foe is astray on a leaderboards and we can't stop or else I’ll remove my rank.”

There are 3 opposite ways of scoring prize hunters: who has a many platinums, who has a many trophies overall, and who has a many points. Karim ranks initial in any of these metrics according to sites like PSN Profiles, yet thinks altogether points, in that any form of prize is value a certain amount, should be a customarily loyal measure. He’s also not yet his critics.


As prize sport has developed there’s been a pull toward exploiting easy games for their platinums. Some developers have even certified to putting easy platinums in their games to assistance them sell better. Karim, Roughdawg4, and others during a tip of a prize leaderboards have been indicted during several points in YouTube comments or Reddit threads of regulating common accounts and in some cases even glitches. Karim denies these allegations though. “All a people who credit me of intrigue never discuss any plain explanation to backup their claims,” he said. “They customarily write “this man hacks” or “this man is a team” yet proof—you know they adore play in a comments and that’s what they are good during in their lives. They call me a no-life yet indeed they are a people with no life.”

Karim says he rents out his endless collection of visible novel games graphic above for money. The games themselves are also useful for earning easy bullion trophies.
Photo: Hakoom (Instagram)

Where Karim used to customarily acquire a 100 or so bullion trophies in a year’s time, he can now acquire good over 300. To date in 2018 he’s already collected customarily over 320 according to PSN Profiles. Some of these are for brief games expelled on both PS4 and Vita, along with duplicates for switching regions and completing a diversion again (This is since he has 6 platinums for violence 6 opposite versions of Jack N’ Jill DX, for instance).


“Many people customarily contend hakoom customarily plays easy games yet they forget that plating a 10 mins diversion is equal to plating a 500 hour game,” he said. “By a finish of a day we acquire 1230 points or so on any diversion we plot so since would we rubbish my time and bake my mind cells on customarily personification tough games when we can customarily play easy games and acquire a same points[?]”

While this is his major philosophy, he’s discerning to indicate out that he does have platinums in Ninja Gaiden 3 and Street Fighter 4. In a 10 years he’s been doing this, he feels like he’s valid himself. So many so that he’s even yet spasmodic about quitting.

“I was formulation to stop it all together during some point,” he said. Speaking to Eurogamer in 2017, Karim pronounced he thinks about interlude any day. At a time he was looking for some approval from Sony, something he desperately wants. Instead he finished adult removing it from Guinness, a certificate from that he has unresolved in his room. With a increasing approval it’s brought he feels vindicated. “I am filled with a new suggestion now and we will play even some-more than before,” he said. “As prolonged as those hands work we will work.”

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