The Top 20 Most Iconic Playstation Characters

The past 2 decades have brought implausible (and also not so incredible) moments as gamers. Specifically Playstation gamers. And given we are Playstation Enthusiasts, (as a name suggests… unless we can’t read, though afterwards if we can’t read, well… what are we doing here?) we motionless we’d make a list featuring a many iconic characters for a Playstation. Here’s to a many noted icons of a Playstation, and to dual decades of awesomeness.


20. Joel and Ellie – The Last of Us

I know, we know, The Last of Us was one of a best games of a Playstation 3 and it could be argued that these dual characters merit a aloft spot. But a customarily reason these dual are final on a list is particularly given their story is still uninformed in a minds of gamers. Joel and Ellie simply merit a mark on this list not customarily for their implausible voice acting, though given of a connection that a actor feels to them while playing. Naughty Dog has finished a good pursuit during origination iconic characters as we’ll come to find out after on.

19. Chris Redfield – Resident Evil

Ahh, good ‘ol Chris Redfield. Him and partner Jill Valentine have been in gamer’s minds given 1996. The presence – fear genre has seen utterly a few changes in it’s day and a Resident Evil array has left by a satisfactory share of change, though there is no denying that Chris Redfield is a Playstation icon. Just mentioning Resident Evil creates we consider of Chris and Jill and Playstation One.

18. The Journeyer – Journey

Journey is by distant one of a best indie games I’ve ever played. The Journeyer let’s people know that Sony could reason a possess with a flourishing indie diversion genre. This wordless protagonist and his story is roughly always immediately brought adult in conversations when it comes to a final era of gaming. Journey and The Journeyer are pristine definitions of diversion art.

17. Dante- Devil May Cry

The fact that Devil May Cry was finished out of a scrapped Resident Evil diversion should already let we know it would have an iconic character. Although Dante has taken a demons with him to other consoles (much like some of a other characters on a list) he left his biggest impact with a Playstation 2.

16. Pyramid Head- Silent Hill 2

Come on, acknowledge it. Pyramid Head gave we nightmares behind when we played Silent Hill 2. Pyramid Head is such an idol that he was introduced into other Silent Hill games, even if it doesn’t make many clarity because he’s there… though conference that noted sword being drug conflicting a building is still uninformed in a minds. Pyramid Head has turn a print child for a fear genre on Playstation. And also one of a many renouned could characters.

15. PaRappa a Rapper – PaRappa a Rapper

PaRappa is, though a doubt, one of Playstations many iconic characters. The positively noted stroke impression diversion was intensely renouned for a Playstation One. If we were a child with a PSOne, PaRappa a Rapper was THE stroke diversion to have.

14. Sora – Kingdom Hearts

I don’t wish to contend it’s unquestionable, though it’s flattering widely ostensible that Sora belongs on this list. Anybody with a Ps2 remembers how fun it was to go by a crossover of Final Fantasy and Disney while welding a blade… finished from a key. When a Ps2 was in a heyday, Kingdom Hearts was during a tip of a lists. And Sora with it.

13. Ico and Yorda – Ico

While a diversion during initial wasn’t too popular, it was widely praised by critics for a diversion impression and art. It gained it’s repute after once a Ps3 came out and was re-released with a devout inheritor Shadow of a Colossus. The adore story between a wandering child with a horns and a lady he loves is one of a many groundbreaking via Playstation history. Both games are deliberate some of a best games ever made, and Ico and Yorda’s story are a summary of video diversion art.

12. Cloud Strife – Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy. Known for a hulk swords and usually a large hair. Also famous for implausible cinematics and stories. Cloud burrowed himself into gamers’ minds and hasn’t unequivocally altered from them much. For roughly 20 years, Cloud and his tour has been noted given his days on a Playstation One.

11. Sack Boy- Little Big Planet

Little Big Planet might usually have a cutest protagonist of any game. Since a recover of Little Big Planet, he has been stranded in gamers’ imagination and helped them giveaway their creativity. Sack Boy isn’t your standard hero. He’s not some shoot-em-up badass, or high-adrenaline niggardly who happens to know how to expostulate any automobile accessible to him. He usually shows we how to use your imagination and has been assisting us make Playstation memorable, cute, and fun all during a same time.


Ah here we are, a subsequent half. The tip 10. We’re inching closer to array 1. Let’s continue on, shall we?


10. Cole MacGrath – Infamous

Remember what we pronounced about Sackboy? Cute and harmless? Yeah, good Cole is flattering many a finish opposite. He’s that badass hero/anti-hero we was articulate about earlier. Cole’s superhero-like have stranded with us for years. Infamous was illusory when expelled and players had a cold underline removing to select to be a favourite or a villain; all while unlocking totally overwhelming and conflicting powers from a conflicting side. Cole’s red or blue lightning mutation and story will be engraved with us Playstation fanatics for years to come.

9. Sly Cooper – Sly Cooper

Sly helped redefine a platform-stealth genre and also he’s a freaking raccoon thief. His recover on a Playstation 2 will always be noted due to a implausible fun we had with a secrecy form games. He’s a thief, though he’s honorable. He’s a animation styled raccoon with a super fun story. What else do we need?

8. Jak Daxter – Jak Daxter series

Hey, we told we Naughty Dog was good during origination iconic characters. We’ll never forget a implausible fun we had exploring overwhelming 3D worlds with Jak and super cold otter-weasel sidekick and partner Daxter. Adventuring with Jak was usually a outrageous step adult from other 3D scrutiny games and helped set Naughty Dog’s repute for a future.

7. Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

Lara Croft. First things initial she’s an impossibly badass value hunter, who explores dangerous areas by herself. She can hoop herself, and knows how to fire baddies. She revolutionized a movement hero, simply by being a girl. She helped mold a 3rd person-action journey platformer and took us on crazy fun adventures by caves and caverns to hunt for treasure. Her adventures have widespread to mixed platforms, and while many might disagree she should be aloft on a list, many of her after games have been, well, lacking. It wasn’t until a reboot in 2013 that a classical iconic Lara came back.

6. Spyro a Dragon – Spyro

In new years, dragons have been decorated really differently than in Spyro’s day. One of Playstations many iconic characters, he doesn’t accurately contest to a fierce, hulk monsters such as those in Skyrim, however this small guys journey to save his other dragon friends was one of a many fun practice we had as a kid. Not to discuss he finished his mohawk work.

And here we are, a tip 5. All of these characters on this list are particularly in my opinion and we would adore to hear feedback and other opinions. we know that not everybody might determine with this list, so let me know what we change, supplement or rearrange. Let’s have during it then, a many critical and iconic characters by Playstation story are adult next.


5. Ratchet Clank – Ratchet and Clank series

It is roughly not tenable that Ratchet and Clank merit a mark on this list. Insomniac had so many origination and we’re blissful to see how distant this array has come to this really day. Ratchet is a final flourishing member of his species, though that doesn’t meant he’s soft. He’s always blustering baddies with his overwhelming robotic side flog Clank and Insomniac’s overwhelming arms designs. He has to foil a immorality Dr. Nefarious’ skeleton all during a same time as enormous jokes. There is no doubt, given a Ps2, Ratchet and partner Clank has etched a special place in a hearts.

4. Kratos – God of War

He is a God of War, that’s already some-more than adequate to know this man is a badass. He was duped into slaughtering his whole family. He has an overwhelming face-body tattoo. But many importantly, he can kill f*$!ing gods! There is no doubt Kratos will always be in a memories with his intensely gore filled, nonetheless impossibly engaging story. We don’t consider anything can move this God to his end, generally if he could brutally kill a God of God’s – Zeus, though if he finally does accommodate his finish it’ll be a unhappy day for all of us. Maybe even unbearable.

3. Nathan Drake – Uncharted series

When we initial saw Nathan Drake in 2007, we were like “Who’s this man consider he is? Laura?” We suspicion he would usually a be a fun of a copy-paste chronicle of Tomb Raider and Laura. We watched him scavenger hunt for value and we were like “Laura would have finished that better.” But he grew on us. And we immediately satisfied this was no duplicate and paste. Nathan Drake’s witty, nonetheless desirable opinion creates each man wish to be him. He’s like Indiana Jones solely he’s not. He’s Nathan Drake. Always anticipating a approach to get in and (with a assistance of his friends usually) out of trouble. The impossibly overwhelming cinematic story and Drake’s noted wit will be in a hearts for years to come, even if his array is ostensible to finish with Uncharted 4. It’s unhappy meaningful he and his array usually might be not entrance behind after this.

2. Solid Snake – Metal Gear Solid

Snake could arguably be array 1. While not disdainful for Playstation, nor origination his initial entrance on a console, he eventually had a biggest impact with a Metal Gear Solid series. Snake redefined secrecy games, generally a movement impression 3rd chairman diversion genre. Metal Gear Solid revolutionized a Playstation 1 and is many tangible with a Playstation franchise. While you’d consider Snake’s use record, that includes defeating his counterpart siblings, saving a universe from chief banishment robots, fighting hulk invisible octopus drudge ladies, and Snake’s comfortless story himself with his fast aging would win him a array one spot, though he was bested by someone really recognizable…


Master Chief!- a Halo franchise!

He’s a badass unconventional infantryman in outdoor space wearing a hulk robotic like fit and roughly singlehandedly takes on an visitor race. He has a adore event with an AI, he was selected and lerned from a age of 6 to turn a super soldier, a final of a strange Spartan – we we series, he- wait, what? This is for Playstation only?! Ohhhh. Sorry Master Chief, we’ll have to save we for another day.

The REAL Number One many iconic Playstation impression goes to… Drumroll please!


1. Crash Bandicoot!

The overwhelming wumpa fruit eating marsupial was a diversion changer. Naughty Dog altered 3D gaming perpetually with Crash. When initial expelled on a Playstation one, all those other games in a golden age didn’t have many to worry about. Crash was entrance from an roughly unheard of developer and it was their initial game. Nobody even knew what a Bandicoot was! Or because he had a partner to save! Except, Crash was not usually some impression from some game. Although a diversion followed that of an arcade diversion and was intensely linear, Crash’s journey was challenging, colorful, and charming/extremely fun and an addictive one. Crash showed what a Playstation One was able of with it’s 3D that has aged intensely well. Looking behind over a years, it seems like his story was a elementary one, though a diversion mechanics and his celebrity creates us still adore him to this day.

Well, there we guys have it. My tip 20 many iconic Playstation characters list. Keep in mind that we spent a ton of time compiling characters for this list, and also arranging them into a sequence we saw fit and is totally subjective.  I had to file them during slightest 3 times. So, let me know what we think, and leave your possess feedback to a list!

Congrats Playstation, for 20 years of success and interjection for a memories. We can’t wait to see what Greatness Awaits us in a subsequent 20 years. Cheers Sony.

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