The stats don’t lie, Lucio is Overwatch’s many profitable hero

Overwatch keeps a notation record of your in-game stats—sorting kills, damage, healing, and lots some-more by hero. But what’s a indicate of meaningful your stats if we can’t massage your superior McCree winrate in a faces of your friends? Since face-rubbing functionality isn’t built into a game, stat-tracking website Master Overwatch has emerged to fill that role. And according to a site, everybody’s favorite beat-dropping DJ, Lucio, is among a tip 3 heroes in a diversion for popularity, winrate, and score-per-minute.

Master Overwatch gathers actor statistics by their career profiles, putting it all into one searchable, sortable database. Players aren’t combined to that database until their form has been searched for, so it isn’t a finish illustration of all 7+ million people personification a game. But even so, a Master Overwatch group told me they “currently have over 800,000 players in a database and a leaderboards are formed on those players,” notwithstanding carrying no central API from Blizzard to assistance accumulate this information.

The form page for pennon and pro actor Seagull, along with his disgustingly good Genji stats.

The information exposes some engaging things about a state of Overwatch’s meta shortly after launch, like how a opposite heroes smoke-stack adult opposite one another. For example, Symmetra is now sitting flattering with a tip altogether winrate during 61.7%, yet is also a slightest picked of any hero. Meanwhile Mercy is bringing adult a back with a 48% winrate, notwithstanding being a most-picked favourite in a game—followed closely in recognition by Lucio who, as mentioned, is nearby or during a tip of flattering many every column.  

Seriously, Lucio is statistically one of a best heroes in Overwatch. It isn’t a tip that Lucio is a profitable collect on roughly any team, yet these stats clearly uncover usually how successful he can be. He has a tip measure per notation (probably since he’s means to reanimate mixed characters during once and minister some damage), a third tip winrate, and is a second many renouned impression globally—which jumps to a many renouned for PS4 players. 

Indeed, Master Overwatch highlights some other engaging discrepancies between PC and console players. Torbjorn boasts a clever 59.4% winrate among PC players, yet that series jumps all a approach adult to 68% on consoles. Additionally, those joysticks seem to get in a approach of good sniping, as Widowmaker has a 49.9% winrate with a rodent and keyboard, yet usually 46.4% and 47.7% on PS4 and Xbox One respectively. It seems an auto-aiming turret is a profitable item when you’re regulating a gamepad, while a sniper purloin is generally some-more of a burden. 

Master Overwatch’s pro group page is palm curated, and full of Widowmaker and McCree icons.

I inspire we to disaster with a filters and look by this data yourself, generally since there’s no pledge what Blizzard’s greeting to a site will be. The Master Overwatch group told me that Blizzard hasn’t taken a position for or opposite this arrange of thing yet, and that doubt has shabby a site’s development. “Of march we are shaken if Blizzard decides to mislay entrance or forestall these sorts of things,” Master Overwatch told me, “but that is because we are very, really careful, notwithstanding a magnitude that we have been releasing features, about a peculiarity of those facilities that we introduce.” The group believes a collection they are providing are profitable to a diversion and a community, and I’m prone to agree. 

Master Overwatch is also looking to yield collection for a game’s esports scene, with hand-curated actor form lists for some of a tip teams in a diversion right now. Want to see a K/D of streamer and Luminosity actor Seagull on his signature hero, Genji? Turns out it’s a whopping 4.29, yet it’s critical to note that figure now usually includes stats from Quick Play games. Tournaments and other tradition matches aren’t included, yet Master Overwatch is anticipating to move a numbers that are accessible into a contest environment by partnering with One Nation of Gamers for a $15K contest this weekend. “During a ONOG games, we will have a list of all a players’ open profiles for viewers to fast take a peek at,” Master Overwatch said, “that’s what we’re going for—this aloft turn of engagement.”

Master Overwatch is a flattering abounding toolset deliberation it’s usually been around for dual weeks, and a some-more people that use it a some-more accurate those numbers will get. Hopefully Blizzard sees a value a site like this has for Overwatch’s fast flourishing community, and ideally provides an central API to make building identical things even easier. The alternative, going all Nostalrius on it, would be unsatisfactory for everybody involved.  

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