The Skye’s The Limit: A Final Fantasy XIV Travelogue – 5/19/2019

Mon grimoire préféré,

Mon dieu! Where can we even start to tell we what has happened over a past days? Two nights ago, we was invited to attend a Sultana’s fête at a palace, and removing in was a tour in itself! Madamoiselle Sera of a Goldsmiths privately finished a poetic span of earrings for me, that would also be my pass to enter.

She is so sweet.

With those in hand, it was a night of jubilee and fun! Or… it would have been. During a night, we was approached by Raubahn, who began revelation a story of a Warrior of Light. Funny, we always listened a story of four such heroes from ma mère. But anyway, mid by his story, all began to go hazy. My prophesy faded, and we saw scenes of horror, of sadness. A conflict was raging, and all seemed mislaid as a good red thing plummeted toward a earth. All seemed lost, as a heroes of many lands were forced to withdraw… Even Raubahn was there!

N’est-ce pas? we can frequency trust it, either!

I awoke in a confusion during The Quicksand, where Madame Momodi had been holding caring of me. She pronounced that Raubahn wanted to keep vocalization with me, though, so we visited him during a Hall of Flames… he pronounced he was entrusting me with un grand honneur. we was to transport a rest of a universe to find his former colleagues, and broach messages!

I do not know how to routine this, during all! Me? A bad Elezen from Gridania? It seems impossible!

Before we was to depart, we wanted to finish my business in Thanalan… we spent currently roving opposite a area in hunt of those in need.

In Eastern Thanalan, we postulated final wishes, and helped a preaching offer final respects to a departed.

I also trafficked beyond, to find a rare, sprouting patch in a distant eastern reaches of a realm.

In Western Thanalan, we visited dear Kikipu during a Silver Bazaar, where she was carrying troubles with a disagreeable land developer. Everything seemed impossibles à gagner for her, so we stepped in to better a man’s goons and shock him off for a time being.

And, of course, we could not leave though observant my au revoirs to my masters during a Ossuary! And what a time to arrive. A slayer of mages has been creation his approach opposite a country, and my exam was to understanding with him.

It seemed like a help of imps during first, though a genuine law-breaker showed his face after a pursuit was done. we am sworn to privacy on this, even to we mon grimoire, though we assure we it is bad. Monsieur Cocobuki suggested we leave for now, in box this knave returns.

I devise to do so initial thing tomorrow, if all goes well.

~Bon chance!

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