The Rolgear multi-bit ratchet screwdriver is buttery well-spoken and quiet

If we ever used a ratchet screwdriver, we know that they can be quite cumbersome. The Rolgear multi-bit wordless ratchet screwdriver puts a new spin on a ratchet screwdriver. Unlike customary ratchet screwdrivers, Rolgear uses roller-bearing record instead of gears.

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No gears, no problem

The advantage of roller-bearing record is both faster and smoother movement. There’s no mislaid suit perplexing to get to that subsequent gear, ensuing in reduction bid on your part. And no gears means no noise.

The screwdriver can be used in 3 opposite positions, forward, retreat and locked. In a sealed position a Rolgear operates as a customary screwdriver.

A elementary spin of a doorknob adjusts a instruction of a ratchet.

The screwdriver’s dull triangular figure prevents it from rolling out of reach. The cushioned hoop also doubles as bit storage, storing 7 double-ended bits. To entrance a opposite bit take a operative bit and use it to pull a stored bit forward. An embedded magnet binds a bit in place until you’re prepared to use it.

The Rolgear multi-bit ratchet screwdriver comes with a Lifetime guaranty on a ratchet resource and is accessible for $24.99 on Amazon.

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