The writer of Final Fantasy XIV got dipsomaniac and brought a Yo-Kai …

For a singular time

Over a weekend, Square Enix hosted a Liveletter display for Final Fantasy XIV, that showcased a series of arriving changes for a diversion as good as a preview of a large 4.1 patch, “The Legend Returns.”

In a warn revisit a CEO of Level-5, Akihiro Hino, forsaken by, and over drinks, jested that a group should move behind a Yo-Kai Watch collaboration event. At least, everybody nonetheless it was in jest, until Square Enix flipped a switch and brought behind a eventuality yesterday. This could be wholly scripted of course, though a fact stays — it’s back.

For those of we who haven’t partaken yet, a collab is fundamentally an additional questline that lets we clear additional minions, weapons, and mounts from a Yo-Kai Watch franchise. Head to a Golden Saucer to collect adult a tangible suggested Watch, afterwards supply it and finish FATEs opposite La Noscea, Black Shroud, and acquire medals for minions. By equipping certain minions in specific areas, we can acquire arms tokens, and eventually clear a Whisper mount.

It’s a bit of a grub if we wish everything, though a unlocks are so damn lovable it’s value it.

Final Fantasy XIV [YouTube]

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