The Pokémon World Championships kicks off this Aug with a $500000 esteem pool

The biggest Pokémon eventuality of a year, a Pokémon World Championships, will flog off on Aug. 24 in Nashville, Tennessee, and will underline a $500,000 esteem pool.

To benefit entrance to a event, trainers from opposite a creation will need to take partial in several subordinate events via a deteriorate to acquire Championship Points. Trainers with a many points during a finish of a deteriorate will acquire an entice to a World Championship finals.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon will make their rival entrance this year, replacing Sun and Moon as a categorical diversion of a Pokémon World Championships.

The format for a contest also altered this year to concede any Pokémon from a National Pokédex to be used. In new years, usually Alola Pokémon, that were a newest Pokémon in a game, could take partial in rival play.

There will be some restrictions on a Pokémon that trainers can select from, however, with some mythological Pokémon criminialized entirely. Mega Evolution also creates a lapse this year.

Alongside a announcement, The Pokémon Company reliable that a North America International Championships will take place on Jul 6 to 8 in Columbus, Ohio, during a Greater Columbus Convention Center.

The eventuality was used as final year’s North America Championship location, and will be a final event trainers have to acquire those profitable Championship Points to secure themselves an invitation to a 2018 World Championship Finals.

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