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Brigitte from Overwatch

Since 2016, favourite shooter Paladins has been deflecting accusations that devs copied Blizzard’s massively successful favourite shooter Overwatch. Yesterday, in a turning-of-the-tables tweet, Paladins’ boss Stewart Chisam side-eyed Overwatch’s newest favourite Brigitte for her similarities to a Paladins hero Ash.

Paladins developer Hi-Rez Studios has denied cloning Overwatch given Paladins went into open beta in 2016. It’s some-more MOBA-like than Overwatch, an objective-based first-person shooter. Also, Paladins heroes’ judgment art exists from approach before a open knew about Overwatch. Hi-Rez’s COO explained back in 2016 that “we combined roughly all a Paladins classes and abilities regulating Global Agenda and Smite as a template.” But that didn’t stop fans and huge YouTube personalities like Dunkey from sketch connectors between a dual games. There’s a Paladins hero who hooks enemies with a sequence and pulls them in (like Overwatch’s Roadhog). And a Paladins hero who shoots rockets from a atmosphere (like Overwatch’s Pharah). And a Paladins hero who can build turrets and fire fiery lava from a gun (like Overwatch’s Torbjorn). Although Paladins was in growth before Overwatch, a similarities are glaring.

Brigitte is a latest articulate indicate in a Overwatch vs. Paladins debate. Released yesterday on Overwatch’s exam servers, Brigitte is a tanky support hero. Her moves embody “barrier shield,” “shield bash” and “rally,” that lets her reanimate circuitously teammates. In full-body armor, she defends her teammates from incoming attacks. Paladins’ Ash, who was expelled mid-2017, also wears full-body armor and has a deployable defense something Chisam forked out in a snarky twitter final night:

Canonically, Overwatch’s shield-tank favourite Reinhardt helped lift Brigitte—and frankly, Brigitte seems to resemble him a lot. But given we haven’t played both heroes, it’s tough to contend how most they resemble any other in practice.


Reached for comment, Chisam told Kotaku that a twitter was “meant as a jaunty fun — as good as a bit of an loyalty to tons of ‘Overwatch Clone’ comments Paladins received when it initial came to market.” He added:

“The twitter is especially a criticism on how absurd all of these forms of comparisons tend to be. we consider it would be scarcely unfit during this indicate for any diversion of this form to recover a new champion that did not have apparent comparison points to other characters in other games in some form or fashion. At a finish of a day, in this genre, we all mount on a shoulders of Team Fortress 2 anyways.”

We reached out to Blizzard for criticism though did not hear behind by press time.

The fact that games all take impulse from any other is a impressive argument. That said, Paladins itself announced a conflict royale mode called Battlegrounds in January—shamelessly suggestive of conflict royale diversion PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Players dump down on an island, collect equipment and try to be a final male station while a map becomes smaller and smaller (Paladins’ mode also boasts horses and actor classes). It’s a indication that a blockbuster PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds didn’t itself invent, and it’s a indication that third-person shooter Fortnite co-opted with measureless success final year. Keeping a Battlegrounds name, however, felt like a confidant pierce to lots of players. Although diversion developers mostly pull H2O from a same wells, it’s optics that finish adult inspiring open opinion.


Correction—1:00 p.m.: A prior chronicle of this story settled that Paladins’ Ash can reanimate teammates hear her, that is not a case. We have done a improvement and bewail a error.

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