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Source: Fred_Zeppelin

On Oct 5th, a No Man’s Sky subreddit temporarily close down due to being what afterwards judge R0ugeW0lf called “a hatred filled wastehole of no tangible discussion.” If we checked a village today, we see nothing of that.


For reference, this is a smattering of topics that reached a front page of a underling on September 20th, shortly before a shutdown.

While it doesn’t seem as presumably antagonistic as what R0ugeW0lf described, this was a flattering disastrous space. There were a lot of players seeking because a diversion wasn’t what they wanted, and a really some-more than one chairman blaming Sean Murray directly for their problems with a game.


Here’s some topics on a front page of a underling today:

People are still critical, of course, though it’s like night and day. Way some-more people are display off what they’re anticipating in a diversion rather than angry about it. Hard to trust that these are a same communities, though afterwards again, it’s also good to see that people can infrequently change their minds. One thing’s for sure: this man contingency feel a small stupid now.

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