The Next Logical Step Forward For ‘Pokémon GO’: Wild NPC Trainer Battles



In a initial year of Pokémon GO, we would disagree that there were 3 vital additions to a diversion that softened it dramatically:

  1. A repair for a tracking system so we could indeed hunt down specific Pokémon after fast months of a damaged tracker nearby launch.
  2. The introduction of a buddy system that authorised we to “train” one Pokémon by earning candy privately for it by walking.
  3. The raid system, that assimilated gyms as a battling experience, though one that was vastly some-more rewarding than anything else in a game.

Year dual has not been…quite as prolific so far. We have:

  1. Weather effects, that are neat and do change gameplay utterly a bit.
  2. EX Raids that everybody hates and are a misfortune and should be outcast from a game.

I consider it’s time to supplement something vital to Pokémon GO that it indeed needs, something gamechanging that’s on a turn of raids, in terms of opening adult a new dimension for a game. Weather, as cold as it is, and EX raids, as cold as those are not, do not do that.

As my pretension suggests, for my money, it’s time for Niantic to deliver furious NPCs into a game. we have been violence this drum roughly given launch, though scarcely a year and a half later, it’s time for Niantic to indeed get it together and move in a main thing they’re blank from a handheld games, that is a litany of NPC trainers to fight.



My initial thought is for trainers to literally be only furious spawns, accurately like Pokémon parent now. Instead of Pokémon spawning in a furious nearby we or nearby Pokestops, we would have an tangible tellurian impression cocktail adult instead.

These could be all demeanour of characters. Pokémon has given us hundreds of opposite forms of NPCs via a years, so there are large options to select from.

You could sequence them adult to tiers. Level 1 trainers could be ones like “Poke Fan” or that one man who unequivocally likes comfy shorts. Level 5 trainers could be Team Rocket henchmen, with some-more absolute Pokémon and softened prizes for defeating them.

It wouldn’t work accurately like a games. These fights wouldn’t be unavoidable, as in we make eye hit and here comes Swimfan racing opposite a map to conflict you. You’d have to daub them to select to conflict them, as battling is apparently something that consumes resources like potions and revives.

But a indicate is that it would be something to grind, some-more than only throwing furious Pokémon or battling during immobile gyms or raids. It would also be a approach to put that new pre-set group complement to good use, as there would apparent be themes to opposition trainers (water form trainers, electric form trainers, etc.)

Depending on a turn of a tutor and a strength of their Pokémon, that would foreordain what kind of prizes we get. Easy trainers competence only give we a integrate potions, balls and a little bit of stardust and XP. The hardest trainers competence give we legitimately useful equipment like incubators or expansion stones or on singular occasions, maybe even one of their stronger Pokémon (yes, approbation we know it doesn’t work like that in a handhelds).


Pokemon GO

The indicate is that GO needs an wholly new activity introduced in sequence to stay fresh. Simply transfer in a rest of Gen 3 and afterwards Gen 4 after this year isn’t going to cut it. The diversion has softened by leaps and end when vital additions to gameplay have been made, and NPCs are one of a largest apparent things a diversion has been blank given launch.

I have always wondered if this is a Pokémon Company problem, where a strange creators of Pokémon competence be banning a judgment of fight-able NPCs since it would make GO too identical to a handhelds. But if that’s true, it’s time to let that go. Pokémon on Switch will be one of a bestselling games of all time no matter what, and GO has introduced Pokémon to some-more people than a handhelds ever did with 650+ million downloads. It’s time to give it all a space it wants.

Ideally, this further would also come with a revamp to a conflict system, as fighting NPCs with GO’s singular battling functionality is not ideal. I’m anticipating a incomparable redo of a conflict complement is coming, finish with standing effects and a like, though that’s substantially a subject for another day. For now, we unequivocally only wish to see NPCs finally make their approach into a diversion during last.

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