The New ‘Overwatch’ Moon Map Is Pretty Great Except For One Thing

Credit: Blizzard


The new Overwatch map, Horizon Lunar Colony, is flattering good for a many part. I’ve been personification on a Public Test Realm and so distant it’s mostly been a blast.

The map is indoors from start to finish, aside from a tiny territory we can strech by going outward an airlock into a low sobriety sector. It reminds me of a behind half of King’s Row, Route 66 or Hollywood, or a core territory of Watchpoint Gibraltar. The large disproportion here is that the outside territory is most some-more limited.

This is cold from a gameplay standpoint given it’s singular compared to a rest of a game’s maps that typically are possibly wholly outward or have large open areas before relocating indoors. Gameplay is a small some-more close-quarters than usual, yet there’s still copiousness of room for snipers and lots of areas where some-more straight characters like Pharah can be lethal.

On a other hand, being so indoors creates this moon cluster feel a small reduction like something in outside space and some-more like a rather waste room or bureau building, solely when you’re in a low sobriety area. we was anticipating for large domes open to a starry sky, yet instead we’re mostly in a array of boxes and corridors. Sure, a outside area solves this to some degree, yet it feels roughly like an after-thought rather than a executive partial of a map.

The initial hour we played Horizon Lunar Colony on a open exam area we didn’t even comprehend this low sobriety territory existed. Maybe we only didn’t try enough, yet this seems like something that should be some-more front and core and reduction discretionary and tucked divided given a newness of a low-gravity territory and personification outer-space.

Still, it’s a fun new map. Hopefully we’ll get to try out a new character—Hammond, a chimp, if leaks, rumors and hints are to be believed—soon as well.

Check out some gameplay and video impressions below:

Correction: As settled above, we didn’t even find this outside territory of a map when operative adult my initial impressions post. The strange chronicle of this post incorrectly stated that there are no outside areas in a map. That was factually incorrect, yet we still feel like partial of a problem is a map’s design, something that Blizzard could positively urge to make a low-gravity area some-more executive to a map and action. This area also creates a map feel some-more space age, yet we still trust some-more improvements could be done in a interior sections to supplement to that feeling.

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