The Netflix Drama Final Fantasy XIV: Daddy of Light Changed Its Name to Dad of Light, World Loses Interest

When news of Daddy of Light strike a internet, it was flooded with jokes. For those unaware, Final Fantasy XIV: Daddy of Light isn’t an enlargement in a renouned Square-Enix MMO. It’s a Japanese play about a father reconnecting with his son, usually they spend time together by a multiplayer video game. But y’know, “daddy” has given turn widely used outward of a kid-like (or BDSM-centric) context as a common goof, so a uncover called “Daddy of Light” was roughly vagrant for jokes from western audiences.

Then Netflix picked adult a show, and recently announced a date it’ll strike a web (September 1). Only it had a surprise: a new name was trustworthy to it. The uncover has absolved of a former daddiness, opting for a easier title: Dad of Light. Not a substantially improved alternative, Father of Light, yet a brief n’ honeyed Dad of Light.

We reached out to Netflix to see if we could get acknowledgment on a logic of because a name was changed, and will refurbish this story if we hear more. For a furious guess, Netflix isn’t totally preoccupied to a conversations around a shows. The clearly joke-y account brisk a thespian array Dad of Light substantially wasn’t assisting people indeed build seductiveness to watch it. Daddy of Light roughly conveys a tongue-in-cheek form of comedy, that this uncover apparently is not.

Some of us on a USgamer staff have skeleton to check out a uncover over a weekend, and who knows, maybe we’ll even write adult a thing or so about it too. It’s all depending on how it is though. Maybe this pretension will even enthuse a developers of Final Fantasy XIV to emanate a new enlargement for a renouned MMO temperament a “daddy” mantra. Daddys be damned.

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