The Mysterious No Man’s Sky ARG: 16 Cassette Tapes, Hidden …

Over a final few weeks, No Man’s Sky fans have been communally scratching heads over a existence of some really rare cassette tapes. 16 such tapes have been dispatched by No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games, and the newest to aspect is a weirdest yet.

Before we get to that though, some history: it all started around Jun 1st when mods from several No Man’s Sky communities began receiving goody bags containing, among other pointless pieces of promotional bumpf, a print and a singular cassette fasten numbered as one of 16. This caused an evident problem: what a hell’s a cassette tape? I’m only teasing folks. Once the obstacle of anticipating something to play them had been overcome, things started to get weird.

While many Side-As essentially consisted of music, a village eventually detected that any Side-B featured ambient sounds which, when converted to a spectrogram (OBVIOUSLY), suggested a string “706s7274616p”. When this is run through the letter-substitution naught ROT13 (OBVIOUSLY) it earnings a conjuration fibre that could be translated to “portal.” Over and over again, fasten after tape, a same summary appeared. And suddenly, a word on a print that participants had perceived didn’t seem so innocuous: “The hulk gateway calls out to me, stuffing my mind with whispered secrets of a far-flung world.”

Portals, of course, are one of a many facilities betrothed during No Man’s Sky’s pre-release duration that eventually unsuccessful to materialize in a final diversion — or rather, unsuccessful to appear in a organic capacity. You can still mark the ominous bulk of portals from time to time as we try a star but, notwithstanding a community’s best (and weirdest) efforts to get them started, they’ve remained deader than a Young Conservative houseparty. Which is a shame, because the portal trailer done them demeanour flattering badass.

While all this mystery was removing No Man’s Sky fans in a flap, something clearly separate was function elsewhere. On May 27th, internet sleuths unclosed a new worldwide ARG famous as Waking Titan. So apart this has spilled out a bunch of brain-busting conundrums, building on map locations, radio stations, and even real-world information drops. What creates things utterly interesting, though, are the steady references to No Man’s Sky.

As good as symbols identical to those in Hello Games’ star sim, Waking Titan has consistently spewed out references to Atlas (the puzzling entity in one of No Man’s Sky‘s core account paths). The essential couple however, came when a Waking Titan dead-drop in New York City suggested a formula “(MDEzRDowMDc4OjA3MjQ6MDA1Ng==)”.

That code, when converted from base64 to ASCII, returned a fibre “013D:0078:0724:0056” — that a brilliantly-named Reddit user aggressive-cat rightly surmised to be galactic co-ordinates within No Man’s Sky. On attainment during that location, aggressive-cat detected that a actor named “instance16status” had left a message “LOOP16 UNEXPECTED ERROR: 97C-303N-5884-P.” This fibre of letters and numbers ultimately incited out to be a vicious cue for the Waking Titan ARG, so confirming their connection.

Since then, attempts to expose a purpose of all this internet malarkey have floundered, with a route ostensible to grow colder any day for participants on a No Man’s Sky side. Last night, however, nonetheless another cassette fasten surfaced. Number 9 of 16 was perceived by YouTuber CobraTV, and is perhaps the weirdest yet. Instead of music, this new tape’s Side A features eerie account from a child-like female. You can hear it during a start of CobraTV’s video below.

As tends to be a proceed with those old-fangled cassette tapes, a sound peculiarity isn’t accurately stellar, though sharp-eared Redditor YourBasicMaths approximated a exegesis as follows:

I am alone in this space between worlds.
we am alone, though for my thoughts, my words.
we am alone, though for you.
we see you, we contingency have famous we could.
You contingency have famous what this was.
Through these travels we come to know ourselves, only as a star comes to know us, in turn.

I can't step through. we know now that if we do, all of this will be over. Lives come behind to me. I’ve seen horrors and wonders. we have been cruel, we have turn good and evil. we have grown over all such things, by a fractured life.

And now we am turn you. One day, your voice will pronounce to you, revelation we of something, some vigilance that needs answering. It will tell we of some tip of a heart of reality, some nonplus that needs to be solved, lest all life falls into spoil and oblivion. Do not listen to it.

If all a star is a lie, afterwards zero is true, not even an explanation. Abandon it. Abandon me. It is inevitable.

So where does this all leave us? Well, nobody is utterly sure. The latest fasten seems to once again indicate to portals (“this space between worlds”, “I can't step through”). Redditors have also noted that tools of a exegesis — spoiler alert! — simulate a end of No Man Sky‘s Abandoned Building lore, where we accept a discouraging summary from your apart destiny self. “One day, your voice will pronounce to you, revelation we of something, some vigilance that needs answering […] Do not listen to it.”

There’s no proceed of meaningful accurately where any of this is heading, though presumably another large No Man’s Sky refurbish is incoming. Hello Games has continued to significantly urge and enhance the game given release, and finally bringing in portals would be of a square with their proceed so far. One caveat: this seems like an awful lot of noise to announce an already-seen feature. Given what happened a final time people got too hyped about this game, maybe it’s best to rage a expectations: though we can follow developments on a dedicated No Man’s Sky fasten thread.

And remember: keep examination a stars.

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