The many ardent Mega Man fan village is holding a fun competition to finish a finale for Legends 2

The esteem is a figure

Mega Man Legends 2 came out in 2000, and given afterwards we haven’t had a genuine fortitude to a cliffhanger of Mega Man being stranded on a moon (Elysium). We almost got Mega Man Legends 3, though it was infamously canceled and a Blue Bomber as a whole was put on ice shortly after.

After using many events given a pregnancy in 2012, fan group Get Me Off The Moon (also famous as 100,000 Strong) is holding a event to run a fun small competition — solve a cliffhanger yourself. If we win, you’ll net a Bad Mega Man Volnutt 4Inch-Nel figure, an 11″ by 17″ print of a 20th anniversary Legends design consecrated from Bonus Level, and a 13″ stone goddess of Volnutt’s goddess from Namco X Capcom.  The Nel is a New York Comic Con exclusive, and generally runs around $90 on a open market.

Entries can be “a fan fiction, comic, playable fan-game, audio drama, a square of animation…anything we want.” In box we forgot how Mega Man Legends 2 ended, you can watch it here, and be certain to check out all a rules if we wish to enter a contest.

Get Me off a Moon [Facebook around Rockman Corner]

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