The Make It Rain Campaign Kicks Off, Runs Through Jun 24th

The Final Fantasy XIV site has been updated with a news that a Make It Rain debate has kicked off. Players will be means to take partial in a eventuality by Jun 24th. During Make It Rain, players will set off to a Gold Saucer after conference that it might be condemned and it is adult to them to “help Godbert Manderville absolved his gilded halls of this haunt menace”. As with all events, there are a series of rewards accessible including furnishings such as a Crystal Tower Striker Cuff-a-Cur.

Players can also get reason of other rewards including:

  • Emotes
  • Minions
  • Glamours
  • Mounts

During Make It Rain, there are a series of activities players can take partial in including Gold Saucer Active Time Events (GATEs), a once-a-week Fashion Report, Chocobo Racing and more.

Read a full sum on the Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone or revisit the Make It Rain eventuality page.

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