The Likely Reason Why ‘Pokémon GO’ Still Won’t Say The Word ‘Legendary’


Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO just announced the largest underline refurbish to a diversion in a one year history, a large redo to gyms worldwide, and a introduction of “raid boss” Pokémon that will temporarily take over gyms and plea groups of players to better and constraint them.

And yet, there was one word conspicuously not found in a entirety of Pokémon GO’s large gym/raid announcement: “Legendary.” It’s prolonged been an open tip that Pokémon GO is formulation to deliver Legendary Pokémon this summer, and we trust during this point, Niantic employees have even pronounced that undisguised a few times. And as this refurbish arrives, we are clearly witnessing a smoothness resource for these Legendaries in a form of raids.

I mean, come on, you’re revelation me that Niantic isn’t going to use a raid system, that facilities players banding together to conflict 25,000 CP monsters with a possibility to constraint them, to deliver Legendary Pokémon? It’s kind of a best of all probable worlds when it comes to a Legendary rollout. These gym events will be widespread adequate so that roughly any actor will be means to try the, though tough adequate where they’re going to be a genuine indicate of honour when a Pokémon are captured. And a whole thing still has a vibe of that initial trailer that had players banding together to conflict a Mewtwo in Times Square. It’s clearly perfect, and honestly unfit to trust that this isn’t how Legendaries will enter a game.

And yet, here we are. Niantic has created and oral extensively about flattering most any aspect of this update, nonetheless it’s not pronounced once that Legendary Pokémon are entering a diversion in brief order. What’s going on?

I have a few theories here as to because this indeed creates some volume of sense.

Niantic has settled that while a gym redo is immediate, raids will launch over a entrance weeks in a few name cities before a wider rollout.


Pokemon GO

This being a box means that opening adult raids with Legendaries right during launch is a non-starter for a array of reasons. First of all, it would be exclusionary if usually a handful of cities got entrance to Legendaries during what’s radically a beta test. But some-more than that, this singular rollout allows Niantic to exam both a change of this activity, either it’s too tough or too easy, and check out intensity confidence issues as well, as in either or not spoofers will find some approach to invade raids and dip adult a bosses by some arrange of unforeseeable exploit. Therefore, tying these raid bosses to be absolute Pokémon that are already in a game, Tyranitar, Gengar, Alakazam, Dragonite, Gyarados, etc, is a safe, judicious movie. Niantic positively needs to make certain that a complement works and works good before transfer a blank 11 Legendaries into a game. It would be an finish disaster if a Legendary rollout was tormented by bugs or if a Pokémon were snatched adult en masse by hackers somehow.

That doesn’t wholly explain because they won’t discuss Legendaries at all, though we consider a second half of this is some-more of selling issue. While it seems expected that after several weeks of testing, Legendaries will be introduced into a game, Niantic is going to wish to do so with a lot of fanfare.

Enter Pokémon GO Fest in Chicago.

My theory? Niantic is formulation both a internal and tellurian “unlock” member to Pokémon GO Fest formed on some rather mysterious messaging about a event. First, on Twitter:

“Stay tuned for how to attend in Pokémon GO Fest together with Trainers around a world.”

And afterwards on a central Pokémon GO Fest website:”

“Work together with thousands of Trainers in a park and millions around a universe to finish hurdles via a day and clear extraordinary in-game rewards globally. More sum about these hurdles and rewards will be suggested in a entrance weeks.”


Pokemon GO

To me, “unlock extraordinary in-game rewards globally” could simply be some arrange of common activity, ie. everybody in a park has to better a gym raid bosses X array of times to clear Legendaries worldwide, and a tellurian race doing something identical adds to that in some way. If this were me, and this were technically possible, I’d have any of a eleven blank Legendary/Mythic Pokémon uncover adult in Chicago during a eventuality via a day, and any time one was defeated, it would be unbarred globally. Chicago would get initial moment (and usually a wanting handful of people would indeed locate these things, if a mechanics are to be believed), though afterwards a rest of a universe would immediately get their possibility as good with any of them expelled into a wild. That competence be overly elaborate, though it’s how we would pattern it.

The timing during slightest checks out. Let’s contend contrast for raids starts in dual weeks in name cities. That leaves 3 some-more weeks to work a bugs out forward of Chicago, and as we’ve already established, there needs to be during slightest that volume of contrast for Legendaries to launch. Any earlier than that runs a risk of critical issues, any after and summer is most over and a outrageous eventuality like GO Fest passes though a Legendary launch, that would be only plain bizarre.

Maybe a Legendary launch and GO Fest will be wholly separate, though a hints are there that competence not be a case, and looking during a calendar, we consider this creates a lot of sense. Perhaps Niantic will start articulate soon, though for now, “Legendary” is still not in their vocabulary.

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