The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Just Got A Waluigi Mod


We’ve seen some engaging mods for Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild over a past few months, including this Grand Theft Auto one that’s been zero brief of bonkers. But now, we’ve schooled about a skin that you’d have to be a goofy to spin divided – Waluigi.

Yes, a immorality Luigi kin that’s seemed in a series of Nintendo games over a years is now a playable impression in Breath of a Wild, around a mod introduced by Hefty and DonkXProXAli, which we can find here for a PC emulator.

It’s not entirely Waluigi, as it’s fundamentally usually a mod placed over a common Link character, given he doesn’t unequivocally contend anything in a game. But if we wish to see him in action, a Twitter user by a name of Kaitlyn has posted a good dual notation video that shows him in action.

It should be sincerely easy to supplement him to a PC Wii U emulator during a couple above, though there’s also been a process found where we can supplement them to a unchanging Wii U chronicle as well, provided we have a correct SD cards to get him set up. It’s good value it, if usually to see him float around on Epona with a grouchy face. C’mon, Waluigi, live a little!

As for a Nintendo Switch version, well, those cunning modders haven’t found a approach to get him in that book – during least, not yet. But who knows, we could find a resolution somewhere over a subsequent few weeks that will finally deliver a immorality kin to a Switch. He should’ve been on it already. Just saying.

This joins a other crazy mods accessible for a PC emulated chronicle of Breath of a Wild, that are good value exploring if you’ve finished a game, or we usually wish to get by it perplexing something new. After all, how can we go wrong with Waluigi? (Answer: we can’t, unless we occur to come opposite a Wario skin. And hopefully it’s coming.)

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild is accessible now for Wii U and Nintendo Switch.

by Robert Workman
| Sep 28, 2017

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