The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild 2 for N64 is not in development

A Zelda fan has combined an considerable The Legend of Zelda demake video – and it takes a arriving Breath of a Wild 2 right behind to 1999.

Modeler and animator The Regressor took Nintendo’s Breath of a Wild supplement trailer it showcased during E3 in Jun and “demade” it – that is, recreated it regulating N64-style graphics, with era-perfect audio from Vince94.

The video is kick for kick a same as Nintendo’s creepy original, which, for reference, is here.

And here’s The Regressor’s demake, that for any N64 fan will yank on those nostalgia heartstrings (watch out for a bit with a N64 controller buttons on a top-right of a screen).

The Regressor, who combined all a 3D resources from blemish regulating Maya 2009 and Photoshop, explained: “The peculiarity is ostensible to be ‘bad’: if it looks like a smirch or error, it was expected 100 per cent conscious and possibly left in or put in on purpose. My idea was not to replicate Ocarina or Majora’s Mask visuals accurately or be 100 per cent technically accurate to N64/DD capabilities or specifications; usually ‘similar’ with artistic liberties.”

The video – while reminding me how sparkling a awaiting it is to know a Breath of a Wild supplement is in a works – rekindles memories of prolonged summer days spent personification Ocarina of Time and a follow-up, Majora’s Mask. These games were full of mysteries and secrets and, quite in Majora’s Mask, surprising and infrequently dim themes. There was something about a bony N64 graphics and a echoey audio that propitious these Zelda games perfectly.

Onwards, to Breath of a Wild 2!

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