The Latest Zelda: Breath of a Wild Free Gift Actually Has a Fun Tip

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild has all sorts of quirky and fun things to do, with apparent examples like defense surfing, moving cave carts with bombs and more. One of a quirkier small tricks is simply forgotten, though, and a latest ‘Tips from a Wild’ news post on Switch provides a accessible pointer and gift.

It focuses on a fact that carrying a Rock Octorok (found in a Death Mountain region) siphon adult a rusty arms will spin it into a glossy new bit of kit. Launching a diversion from a news post grants we a Rusty Broadsword with 6 energy with that to try it out, and we can redeem a present as mostly as we like.

This author had indeed lost this underline of a game, so we’ll record this as one of a ‘better’ Tips from a Wild posts. What other small tips would make for a good giveaway present in a game?

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