The Latest Patch For No Man’s Sky Fixes Save File Issues

No Man’s Sky has now been patched 5 times given a latest vital update, Atlas Rises. Today’s patch 1.35 brings a lot of granular changes and bug fixes, generally to a user interface. Here are some of a important changes from a patch.

  • Fixed an emanate preventing players with unequivocally prolonged play times being means to save

This emanate has been plaguing a village for a while, and I’m blissful to see it addressed so quickly. The ideal knowledge of No Man’s Sky is one where we play it for a prolonged time so regulating into this bug unequivocally sucked.

  • Introduced boat doing variances between types/classes. Each particular boat now has procedural doing and speed characteristics, formed on their form and class

Atlas Rises already done outrageous changes to boat doing and rivalry AI, that has done aerial fights honestly exciting. I’m unequivocally meddlesome in saying how procedurally generated boat stats creates that knowledge deeper. Time to plantation adequate resources to finally get a improved ship!

  • The discerning menu will now automatically tighten after selecting an option
  • Alien difference that have been translated are now highlighted in interactions
  • It’s now probable to qualification multiples of a same product during once
  • Improved user interface navigation regulating Q, E, W, S and A and D keys
  • Added ability for actor to capacitate flame while in caves

It’s frustrating that these are things that are only now being added, though Hello Games keeps unctuous in tiny peculiarity of life changes that altogether make a diversion a improved experience.

  • Fixed an emanate where black dots would spasmodic seem while looking into a sun

I suspect if there’s ever an obscure in No Man’s Sky, you’re now giveaway to demeanour directly into it.

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