The latest ‘Overwatch’ favourite can renovate into rivalry characters

That’s a game-changing ultimate that will shake adult gameplay dynamics in many ways, generally since Echo can use a mimicked hero’s ultimate too. Game executive Jeff Kaplan said Echo will be visually and audibly discernible from other characters in a compare when she adopts another hero’s form. She can’t turn a counterpart of an rivalry team’s Echo, though.

Her categorical arms is called Tri-Shot, that fires a contingent of rounds in a triangle pattern. She can also muster gummy bombs and a lamp attack, that deals high repairs to opponents and barriers with reduction than 50 percent health.

On tip of all of that, she can fast fly and slip behind to terra firma. The latter is a small opposite from Mercy’s slip mechanic, according to Kaplan, as Echo falls faster though can pierce some-more fast horizontally.

PC players can try out Echo on a latest Public Test Realm patch, that is rolling out now. For a initial time, we can supplement a bot chronicle of any favourite in a training operation so we can use replicating their moves.

Echo will be accessible in a full chronicle of a diversion soon, presumably in a integrate of weeks after a current Archives event wraps up. It’s not transparent as nonetheless when she’ll make her Overwatch League debut.

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