The Ladies of UNCHARTED: THE LOST LEGACY Are a Badass Pair

When Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End expelled last year, Nathan Drake’s scarcely 9 year journey came to a close. While Nate’s section has ended, Naughty Dog has during slightest one some-more story to tell in a same star with Uncharted: The Lost Legacywhich is set to launch exclusively on PS4 Aug 22. The standalone title was one of a many startling reveals during PSX last year, and hold a desired opening mark during Sony’s E3 2017 press conference.

During a behind-closed-doors gameplay arrangement during a show, we got a bit some-more discernment into a energetic between Uncharted‘s new heading ladies: series’ favorite Chloe Frazer (Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3), and associate badass (and a knave of U4), Nadine Ross. As per common for an Uncharted title, a girls are sport for a prolonged mislaid treasure–in this case, a Tusk of Ganesha–in an outlandish and beautifully satisfied setting, India’s Western Ghats mountains. The many fascinating thing here, however, is a intriguing pairing between Chloe, an guileless and indeterminate value hunter, and her messenger Nadine, a ease and collected former personality of a paramilitary Shoreline organization.

While it is generally sparkling to see a initial celebration developer put such a opposite span of women during a forefront of a video diversion (Chloe is Indian/Australian, while Nadine is South African), we can’t assistance be drawn to a complexity of a characters themselves, and how their incompatible personalities are going to both strife and element any other as a story progresses. We got a pleasant ambience of how they’re going to work together (or not) from a ten-minute extended gameplay demo.

At a commencement of a scene, we found Chloe and Nadine during a tip of a stone formation, looking off into a stretch during a correspondence of Ganesha forged into a cliff. “Worth it?” asked Chloe, in anxiety to a view. “Impressive,” remarked Nadine. The site was positively value it and one we can’t wait to explore. After creation it to a ground, Chloe suggested a route, while Nadine insisted on holding point. After a impertinent “lead a way” from Chloe, a ladies pushed forward.

Uncharted a Lost Legacy Tomb

The interesting quarrel for prevalence continued from there. While stealing in a bushes, Chloe once again laid out a devise for holding out a dual enemies in front of them: “you take left, we take right.” Instead of adhering to a plan, however, Nadine demonstrated her fight bravery by leaping onto one of a organisation while concurrently kicking a other. When Chloe responded with: “That works too,” a organisation of viewers in a assembly room let out a robust chuckle.

Naughty Dog’s knack for picking an enchanting (and hilarious) span has always been a heart of a series. It’s good to see it interpret so good to a standalone journey with opposite protagonists during a helm. Nadine’s no-nonsense concentration is a good change to Chloe’s wit. Though action, combat, and traversal are always conspicuous in a universe of Uncharted, and on ideal arrangement in a footage we saw, it is a attribute between a characters themselves that we can’t wait to watch develop.

At a really finish of a demo, a girls stumbled into a tomb where they came toe-to-toe with a game’s ominous villain, Asav, a insurgent personality who has been rallying his army and formulating misunderstanding in India. He was tender (and disgusted) by their ability to find a Eye of Shiva artifact while his organisation wanted for a week and came adult with nothing. According to Chloe, he contingency have selected a wrong experts. It looks like The Lost Legacy‘s energetic twin are  going to have their hands full when a diversion launches in dual weeks.

Thirsting for some-more details? Naughty Dog will be phenomenon a extended demo subsequent Tuesday. According to Naughty Dog’s blog, Creative Director, Shaun Escayg, and Game Director, Kurt Margenau will be pity some-more sum about a diversion and responding spectator questions.

Are we vehement to see Chloe and Nadine in action? Which other characters would we wish to see interconnected up? Let us know in a comments below!

Image: Naughty Dog

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