The Interesting Story Behind Doomfist’s Legendary Skins In ‘Overwatch’

Doomfist is a newest favourite in a Overwatch mythos, a male tangible essentially — but not entirely — by his fist of doom. Also famous as Akande Ogundimu, he’s a Nigerian successor to a cybernetics association who rose to inflection as a personality of a Talon Organization: we got to see him mixed with a Overwatch group in this glorious start video. He’s live right now on a open exam server, and so players have been messing around with him for a small while now. He’s even got his initial nerf. We recently got a demeanour during his skins, with some engaging looks in a mix. Let’s take a demeanour during these two, here:

credit: Blizzard.


Credit: Blizzard


Ubisoft Marketing Manager Andrien Gbingie posted a Twitter thread about a start of a imagery with these skins, and it creates for educational reading for anyone looking to get into both a science of Overwatch and how it intersects with genuine universe parable — something it’s been doing, largely successfully, given a beginning. They’re formed off Orishas, spirits in a Yoruba religion. Here’s Gbingie’s brief explanation:

Now for a positives. Gonna extol a Overwatch group here again for doing their homework. Especially on Yoruba mythology. Orishas (familiar?) are spirits that simulate several manifestations of a autarchic deity in Yoruba religion. As seen in a Legendary skins. So, Avatar and Spirit. Red orisha, like Ogun, are discerning gradual and harsh. Blue orisha, like Yemoja, are cool, peaceful and compassionate.

He also recommends a book to learn some-more about Orishas, yet a lazier among us competence start with Wikipedia. We see a judgment also reflected in a name of one of a game’s other African heroes, Orisa.

Overwatch, during times, can feel like a diversion about collecting skins some-more than anything else, and so it’s cold to see Doomfist’s skins entrance along with such specific references to his Nigerian heritage. Blizzard knows how to do lore, and that’s on full arrangement here with this game. I’m vehement not usually to see what Doomfist does to gameplay as he arrives though also how his participation expands a universe of a diversion and the story.

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