The GameRevolution Hall of Fame – Every ‘Perfect’ Score

GameRevolution was founded approach behind in 1996, building a clinging assembly with a cuttingly honest critique of both video games and a gaming industry. This was clear in a site’s reviews, that pennyless divided from tradition by approach of introducing a news card. This label graded games from a squalid F to a desired A, with a A+ never being used as “no diversion is perfect.”

GR would after pierce to a some-more normal rating system, eventually apropos a 5-star news label we occupy today. As GR has dramatically increasing in readership over a years, a site has developed and blending to accommodate a complicated audience. As a result, a site’s former editor-in-chief Anthony Severino tore down a A+ order and authorised a cream-of-the-crop to be handed a 5-star rating. This was a argumentative move, though it eventually authorised GR’s critics to be some-more stirring with their praise, along with better-informing readers of that games deserved their pinnacle attention.

But aged GameRevolution was right; no diversion is perfect. However, there are many games that have been tighten adequate that we saw fit to give them a full, “perfect” score. As of today, these games have been entered into a GameRevolution Hall of Fame, highlighting a preference of releases over a years that GR’s stream and former editorial teams have given tip honors to.

From owner Duke Ferris to Anthony Severino, Nick Tan, Jonathan Leack, and now Paul Tamburro, GameRevolution has undergone many changes over a years opposite several editorial teams. However, a one thing that has remained a same regardless of a site’s care is a joining to delivering a best diversion reviews on a internet. So here’s a outline of a top-rated reviews over a years, now immortalized in a GameRevolution Hall of Fame:

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 slow

Reviewer: Jason Faulkner

Quote: “The strange thing about RDR 2 is that there’s not usually a towering volume of story, side quests, and places to try though that it’s all high peculiarity and doesn’t feel tacked on. The high turn of craftsmanship in this diversion is clear in all a aspects, and it’s honestly one of a best games of this era of gaming.”

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Mark of a Ninja: Remastered

mark of a ninja remastered review

Reviewer: Michael Leri

Quote: Mark of a Ninja felt like a two-dimensional secrecy diversion that was ostensible to kickstart a trend of other two-dimensional secrecy games that never came. Time, as valid by this remaster, has shown that it has a staying energy of a protagonist’s tattoo. But distinct that tattoo, it is not solemnly murdering a host: a secrecy genre. Instead, a remaster is only a undying sign of a significance in a pantheon of unctuous games.”

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God of War 

God of War 1.30

Reviewer: Jason Faulkner

Quote: “I’ve never given a diversion a ideal measure before, and we suspicion prolonged and tough about either or not God of War deserves it. No matter how most we suffer a game, typically there are during slightest a few moments where we get undone or bored, though not with this one. It’s presumably a best instance of what a PS4 has to offer, and we feel like it’s going to be one of those games that now comes to mind when they consider of this console generation.”

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Super Mario Odyssey

Reviewer: Paul Tamburro

Quote: “Comparing Super Mario Odyssey to over thirty years’ value of Mario games is difficult, given it’s unfit to mislay a effects of nostalgia from a array that started my adore of video games in a initial place. But while we might be distant private from a days spent personification Super Mario World as a kid, completing it for a umpteenth time and still anticipating new secrets with any playthrough, experiencing Super Mario Odyssey transported me behind to that same clarity of consternation we felt when we initial detected a Star World, or when we used my garment to incidentally event on a tip pivotal that non-stop adult a code new level. Nintendo has delivered all we could wish in a Mario game, before adding things that we didn’t even know we wanted. The finish outcome of their efforts is a loyal complicated masterpiece.”

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Reviewer: James Kozanitis

Quote: “The categorical takeaway here is that Pyre is a game-changer. It’s a shoo-in for best indie diversion of a year, and it will be a crime if it isn’t during slightest competing for Game of a Year by a time Dec rolls around. As someone who walked in though any expectations, tone me surprised.”

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Persona 5

Persona 5 Switch

Reviewer: Jamal Rashid

Quote: “More than 8 years have left by given we began watchful for a new Persona game. It wasn’t easy, though there is no doubt in my mind that a wait helped emanate a best probable knowledge that fans could ask for. It’s singular to see a lesser-known JRPG array squeeze a circle and move new life into a genre, though that is accurately what Persona 5 has accomplished.”

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine

Reviewer: Blake Peterson

Quote: “The categorical questline can be finished in about 10-15 hours with simply as most or some-more calm to do in side-quests, contracts, and scrutiny of a new setting. This $20 enlargement has adequate glorious calm that it rivals some full-priced triple-A titles; this is an glorious value that adds to a abounding knowledge of The Witcher universe and is a illusory send-off for a series. This is a genuine value and a reverence to all-things Witcher, ideally prisoner in a final impulse before a credits roll: a close-up of Geralt, who turns to demeanour directly during a actor by a shade with a pointed grin, as if giving interjection for a possibility to tell one final Witcher story.”

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Rise of a Tomb Raider

Reviewer: Peter Paras

Quote: Rise of a Tomb Raider took aim during perfecting not only a possess series, though complicated movement games as well, that is an desirous endeavour to contend a least. The past decade has seen a genre jump, shoot, and blow things adult genuine good with games like Resident Evil 4, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and Dead Space. Each redefined what a well-balanced 15-hour knowledge could be by delivering a constrained narrative, parsimonious gameplay, and superb universe building. Rise of a Tomb Raider bests even those classics with a impression that resonates like no other. Even if it took scarcely twenty years for that to happen, this is an journey value replaying with a favourite who’s unforgettable.”

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