The Frozen Wilds Will Be Horizon’s Zero Dawn’s Last DLC

No More Aloy Add-Ons After 2017

With all a vicious commend surrounding a latest IP by Guerrilla Games, it looks like a arriving DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn will be a initial and last. The developer reliable as most in a Twitter post responding to a fan.

Hence, a recently announced Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition is indeed a “complete” chronicle of a game. For $49.99, a duplicate will extend users entrance to a bottom diversion and The Frozen Wilds. No scanty volume of content, deliberation a series of post-launch updates expelled by a developer.

Announced during this year’s Sony E3 Press Conference, a DLC will supplement a new segment and rigging to a game. Additionally, it will try a science of a Banuk, a clan recurrently mentioned through a single-player adventure. And vocalization of a story, we won’t have to kick a main story in sequence to play a expansion. However, it does yield a small context.

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The Frozen Wilds launches on Nov 7th, while a Complete Edition of Horizon Zero Dawn arrives on Dec 5th, 2017.

Speculation: Since Guerrilla Games isn’t expanding a game’s calm over this DLC, they might be already gearing adult for a sequel. More speculation: that supplement might arrive after a launch of a PlayStation 5.

Check behind for some-more news and updates heading adult to a expansion’s release.


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