The Firewatch Co-Directors Are Working On A Rick And Morty Comic


It’s been a while given we’ve seen anything from a co-directors of Firewatch, a considerable indie diversion from Campo Santo that did a constrained pursuit with a storytelling as we kept watch over a countryside. But they’ve finally let us in on what they’re doing subsequent – and it involves Rick and Morty!

Sean Vanaman announced currently that, alongside co-operator and co-director Olly Moss, a dual are tough during work on emanate 29 of a Rick and Morty comic book, that will make a entrance this August. The cover art for a comic book is below, and it looks flattering compelling, featuring Rick during a helm of a drifting car while a not-quite-there Morty sits subsequent to him, in rather invisible form.

Vanaman done a proclamation on his Twitter page, noting, “my child @ollymoss and we worked on a comic that we can review in august!” The comic also facilities interior art by C.J. Cannon.


Other sum about a comic aren’t famous usually yet, though it is good to see Vanaman and Moss holding their talents to some-more informed brands, adding their possess particular touches to them – especially Rick and Morty, that is one of a hotter ones on a marketplace right now.

It’s different what a twin will be operative on following a recover of this comic book emanate in August, though we’ll positively be gripping an eye out.

Rick and Morty is a authorization that’s positively been gripping bustling this year. Along with a recover of a Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality diversion from Adult Swim Games progressing this year, fans were also treated to a initial part of a long-awaited third deteriorate on Apr Fools Day, environment a tinge for a rest of a episodes, that are set to premiere on Adult Swim someday after this summer.

It certain seems like a summer’s going to be an ideal deteriorate for a duo, both opposite comics and TV programming. Now a usually doubt is what’s next. A new video game? More crazy comic tales? It’s Rick and Morty, so who knows?

Oh, and if we wish to check out Firewatch, it’s accessible now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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