The Final Fantasy XV Character With a Surprising Backstory

Prompto Argentum is razor thin, sports Final Fantasy hair and wears Final Fantasy character clothes. But he wasn’t always that way.

In a latest part of a Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV anime, we get Prompto’s backstory. The younger chronicle seems like a nice, peaceful soul. Unlike a Prompto of FFXV, he wasn’t in figure and lacked confidence.

After saving Luna’s dog, Prompto gets a idea that he should cater Noctis. To do so, he decides he needs to get into shape.


Here, Prompto is respirating heavily after running.

Prompto’s relatives always seem to be during work. He ends adult eating quick food alone.

Though, Noctis substantially didn’t caring what he looked like and would’ve befriended him regardless.

Prompto lacks self confidence.

So, Prompto starts jogging and eating better.


Here, he’s carrying a salad and a burger and not a burger and fries.

While jogging, Prompto starts nod everybody he meets, display increasing confidence.


By a finish of a episode, he looks like your standard Final Fantasy character. This competence lift questions about what accurately it implies (for example, does this meant skinny is good or is this reinforcing physique stereotypes that exist among FF characters?); however, a categorical bearing of a part seemed to be about confidence. For Prompto, he felt he indispensable to get into figure to feel improved about himself.


By a time he’s in high school, Prompto works adult a certainty to deliver himself to Noctis for a initial time. Though, Noctis righteously points out that this isn’t a initial time they’ve met.

By now, Prompto also has Final Fantasy hair.

He competence seem like your standard stylish Final Fantasy character, though this backstory proves he’s anything but. You can watch a full part below:


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