The Final Fantasy XIV New Year’s Event Is On Now

(Photo: Square Enix)

In box we missed a news, Final Fantasy XIV: The Lodestone is holding an event over a march of a subsequent dual weeks that kicked off yesterday, and players don’t wish to skip out on this one. The Heavensturn eventuality celebrates a new Zodiac year, that is a year of a dog, with themed equipment and a new story for players to explore.

Here’s a story that a eventuality will follow for a subsequent dual weeks: “A commission from a Far East has come to Eorzea to applaud a appearance of a year of a rooster, though it appears their personality is carrying difficulty garnering a internal citizens’ interest. Spurned─for reasons unbeknownst to him─by any and any chairman he attempts to approach, a tori bugyo is desperately perplexing to redress a Heavensturn festival that might already be over salvation.”

Four new equipment are accessible for players to acquire during a event, including a Red Tori Kabuto Armor, a Black Tori Kabuto Armor, a Heavensturn Orchestrion Roll, and an darling “Happy New Chocobo” to adorn their HQ with.

Heavensturn is an annual eventuality that began after 2014, celebrating any incoming new year with a new adventue and a few goodies for players to acquire to prerogative them for their faithfulness to a game. Naoki Yoshida, a game’s executive and producer, wrote in a new blog post today that even some-more updates to a diversion were entrance during a finish of a month, and went as distant as teasing a new story installment with one riddle of an image. Players have until Jan 15th during 6:59 AM PST to finish a event’s missions, since once it closes, a ability to finish them will no longer be available.

Final Fantasy XIV is accessible now for PlayStation 4, PC, and Mac OS.

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