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There was a lot of winking and nudging when a MMO Final Fantasy XIV introduced 3 new poses for dozing a year ago. And behind a sealed doors of practical houses and apartments, many some-more went on after that.

If you’re a expert of online role-playing games, we know that icky feeling when we event on a throng of scantily-dressed, wordless avatars station a small too tighten to any other somewhere public. In /whispers and /tells, probably, they’re carrying cybersex. Online amorous role-playing, mostly shortened to ERP, has existed as prolonged as online games have, and good before that in chatrooms. Avatar bodies gave voice to a reduction outspoken tools of it, though simply station together and articulate isn’t totally evocative for some-more visually-minded gamers. With increasingly clear emotes for avatars to demonstrate themselves, cybersex in spin has turn increasingly vivid.


A FFXIV player by a hoop of Asami Hanasaki met me on a dais in a practical city of Ul’Dah to tell me how she gets it on in a game. If we walked over to a circuitously Quicksand Tavern, she said, I’d see a few scantily-clad cat girls disposition opposite a railing with difference like “dozy” or “daddy” subsequent to their names, that was accurately what we found. At a tavern, players form nasty things to any other in private messages. Hanasaki pronounced that what goes on during a Quicksand is usually half of a FFXIV ERP experience. To move an additional something to a encounter, players will take any other home to their in-game residences to act things out.

Interviewing Hanasaki

“/Doze is substantially a many common,” Hanasaki told me when we asked that emotes are used for sex some-more often. It’s an display for sleeping that, curiously, is mostly singular to private buliding on private furniture. To use it, an avatar forms /doze into their discuss box while they are nearby a square of furniture, like a bed, on that a impression will afterwards distortion down. There was no /doze display accessible until FFXIV’s relaunch in 2013, though shortly after, when publisher Square Enix introduced private housing and seat like beds, developers tweaked /doze so players could nap on a furniture. Until final July, /doze looked like a impression literally dozing off, sighing a small and groggily disposition over until they woke themselves up. Now, it’s a small some-more horizontal.

/Doze in FFXIV

For sex, a actor “usually has someone sitting on tip of a other, either it be on a other character’s face, or nearby their disobedient area,” Hanasaki said. “Sometimes they’ll use a widen display to pull their donkey opposite a other person.” When /doze was released, Square Enix didn’t accurately play reticent about what a fans would do with a new emote. In 2013, a Square Enix village manager said that a use was singular to some-more private settings to “prevent a holding of not generally suitable screenshots.” And yet, with /doze, players can change their poses from laying on their side to their stomach to on their back, maybe with a knee or dual up.

/Doze in FFXIV

“People were ERPing prolonged before /doze existed,” Das, another actor who ERPs in FFXIV told me. Das says that /doze wasn’t a watershed impulse for him and that many of a emotes he uses are comparatively regressive (“If you’re gonna be there for 3 hours, you’re not going to wish to keep typing in a same 2-second prolonged emote”). “Before /doze, people would usually /sit on a corner of beds instead,” he said. That way, another avatar could simply mount above them to elicit verbal sex. With likewise aged emotes like /pray, that has a impression get down in their knees, FFXIV players have unnatural verbal sex for years. The same goes for /hug, although, given it’s already a suit toward intimacy, it tends to come off flattering innocent.


Things are usually removing crazier as time goes on. Another ERPer who goes by Bryte Darklyt told me that /doze didn’t indeed impact her in-game sex as many as a /playdead emote, that was introduced progressing this year. The /pushup emote, that was combined into FFXIV just one month ago, has also been a large game-changer in a ERP scene, something we reliable after stumbling on a integrate mid-cunnilingus on a open stairs of Ul’Dah this morning:

Emotes in online role-playing games are like black in a still spontaneous language. They change definition depending on context and whichever other emotes present avatars are using. Sex in MMOs is what’s modernized a denunciation of emotes over what developers might have intended, though a lot of it goes on in private—that’s what creates it intimate.

After the interview, we thanked Hanasaki for her time. “No problem!” she effused. “And that Miqo’te that usually ran upheld us was an ERPer,” she added. “They were in their underwear.”

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