The Final Fantasy XIV village lifted some-more than $21,000 for …

The Final Fantasy XIV village lifted over $21,000 for Hurricane Harvey and Irma service efforts. During a 12-hour livestream eventuality hold final weekend, a village hosted a gift ‘march’ to lift income for Direct Relief.

The eventuality was called Lalafell Invasion for Hurricane Relief, and concerned players fasten a specific server as a Lalafell, one of a playable races in FFXIV, and marching opposite a diversion universe of Eorzea. Other events were hold alongside a march, including a trivia eventuality and an after party.

The strange fundraising aim was $1,000, though according to a Reddit post about a event, that aim was met “right after a eventuality started.” The aim was scaled adult to $5,000, though that was also “quickly exceeded” in 3 hours. At a finish of a 12-hour event, a village has lifted $21,550 for Direct Relief, who are a gift handling to assistance with cleanup and rescue efforts in a arise of a dual Hurricanes that have strike a southern United States in a past few weeks.

The videogame village has rallied around Direct Relief’s efforts, and a FFXIV village isn’t a initial to lift income for a gift in new weeks. Games Done Quick ran a weekend-long speedrunning event that lifted over $250,000, and a Roblox developers affianced $25,000, to be lifted from a sales of dual Texas-themed gift hats.

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