The Final Fantasy XIV 5th Anniversary Infographic – But It’s Not What You Think

We’re all used to diversion developers posting adult infographics intermittently to yield some statistical information about beast kills or quests completed, for instance. The Final Fantasy XIV team, however, for a game’s fifth anniversary has put adult an infographic, yes, though one with a twist. Have we ever wondered how most in-game content there is in FFXIV? Or maybe how many mins of cutscene time there is in a game? If so, afterwards consternation no longer!

In further to fun and different contribution about Final Fantasy XIV, we also learn that over 14,000,000 players have taken partial in a diversion over a 5 years and that 800,000 people per day transport by Aetheryte.

It’s a fun demeanour during some cold and singular stats for a diversion celebrating a birthday, so conduct to the Final Fantasy XIV site to check. it out!

Thanks for a tip, Coolit!

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