The Feast Season 7 to Begin Mar 13th, Some Rewards Detailed

The Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone has been updated with a news that The Feast Season 7 will flog off on Tuesday, Mar 13th. While a post indicates that there will be “action adjustments” being done to order changes and jobs, there will not be any changes done to a map. That is a routine that “will need some some-more growth time, so we’re now aiming to deliver those in Patch 4.3”. There will be “big changes to a map layout…to occupy improved strategy”.

While a post is brief on what precisely a adjustments are that will arrive with 4.25, we do know during slightest some of a rewards veterans will receive.

Those who strech a tip 100 will be rewarded with a flattering considerable mountain that is identical “to that one a insane scientist was riding”. Those who grasp initial place will serve be rewarded and epic looking trophy. Those who do not “make a cut” will still be earning wolf collars that can be exchanged for a arms of choice during a after date.

Check out the Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone for some-more information.

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