The Evil Within 2 vs. Resident Evil 7: Which Is a Better Horror Game?

The Evil Within 2 and Resident Evil 7

2017 has been a flattering good year for fear games so far, with Resident Evil 7 being a scary introduction to a year, followed by titles like Outlast 2 and Prey. However, Resident Evil 7 hasn’t unequivocally had a lot of foe in a fear department. Not until The Evil Within 2 came along.

Both games surpass during delivering a awful clarity of atmosphere, and they do so in unequivocally opposite ways. We’re going to try to mangle down these dual games in a few categories: story, gameplay, and design. After that, we’ll establish that is a improved fear diversion so distant of 2017.


The Evil Within 2 has a flattering disorderly story. After a events of a initial game, Sebastian Castellanos leaves a military force and continues to be worried by a genocide of his immature daughter and a traumatizing occurrence during Beacon Mental Hospital. However, Mobius user Juli Kidman shows adult in his life once again to tell him that his daughter is indeed still alive, though he needs to enter STEM nonetheless again to rescue her from an examination left wrong. we will contend that a story and pacing here is rubbed most improved than it was in a initial game, that didn’t seem to have any clarity of pacing during all. A father looking for his daughter is a flattering cliched trope during this point, though during slightest it gives players a some-more personal interest in Sebastian’s journey this time around.

There are a few twists thrown into a story here and there, though eventually it’s not accurately a unequivocally enchanting plot. we charge this to a fact that Sebastian himself isn’t a unequivocally engaging impression either, and that isn’t helped by his odd voice acting.

Resident Evil 7 doesn’t unequivocally transport unequivocally good in a story dialect either, though it is a small some-more sparkling than The Evil Within 2. Protagonist Ethan spent a final 3 years meditative his mother was dead, usually to accept a minute from her seeking him to collect her adult during a Baker chateau in Dulvey. The simple story grounds is flattering most a same in both games, though Ethan is a small some-more relatable since he ends adult being a everyman who doesn’t know what he’s gotten himself into, and only wants to shun with all his limbs intact.

I’ve privately found a story twists in Resident Evil 7 to be distant some-more engaging as well, with some cold revelations about Mia and a Baker family, not to discuss a puzzling Zoe. While a story does stutter in a final act, Resident Evil 7 indeed takes a time to build adult a attribute with Mia, and this helps to expostulate a actor brazen in a goal to rescue her. The Evil Within 2’s depiction of immature Lily is mostly skewed, and she’s mostly presented as a crazy and burning wicked child. This is a outcome of Sebastian’s shop-worn psyche, sure, though it really doesn’t make a actor feel as strongly about her.

Winner: Resident Evil 7 wins by a very, unequivocally slight margin. Both stories aren’t accurately masterpieces, though The Evil Within 2 gets edged out since the aspirant was means to spike the characterization a small better.

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