The Easiest Thing Niantic Could Do To Re-Engage Bored ‘Pokémon GO’ Players


Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO players are now sitting around, twiddling their thumbs, watchful for Gen 3 and for Mewtwo raids to stop being terrible. But once those arrive, eventually they’ll settle into a same settlement of dullness again.

One of Pokémon GO’s biggest problems is that during a certain point, there’s unequivocally tiny still value sport in a diversion when you’ve amassed such a outrageous collection. Players want to hang with a game, yet there’s tiny inducement for them to do so.

My resolution is something I’ve mentioned before. While yes, Pokémon GO unequivocally needs full new generations and improved in-game activities, I’m articulate about something teenager Niantic could supplement in a day to make “endgame hunting” as it were some-more interesting.

I’m articulate about unleashing shinies. All of them. There’s unequivocally no reason not to.

Shinies are…quite simply that, shiny. They seem with a tiny flicker outcome and have an swap tone scheme. It sounds basic, yet Pokémon players have left nuts sport shinies in a handheld games for years now. It’s an appealing awaiting to locate a Pokémon that truly stands out and feels unique.

Pokémon GO has…kind of embraced this concept, yet barely. For reasons that sojourn unclear, Pokémon GO has limited shinies to a wanting handful of Pokémon in a game, customarily tied to special events like a glossy Magikarp for a Water Festival or some-more recently, glossy Gen 3 ghosts for a ’17 Halloween event.


Pokemon GO

But…why? we don’t know because Niantic is usually entrance out with a integrate shinies in a few remote events after a game’s been out a year and a half.

The answer? Release them all. Most Pokémon in a diversion already have glossy resources in a backend. It’s literally only a flip of a switch to recover shinies into a furious en masse.

There’s only no reason not to. Even if a possibility was incredibly remote to locate a shiny, like it now is, intensity glossy verisons of each Pokémon in a diversion would make players try to locate ones they’d routinely ignore. They could hunt for them privately with mass catching, or they could only get propitious each so mostly and have a esteem Tauros or Wobuffet or even a glossy mythological raid trainer if they’re crazily lucky.

This would be a teenager thing, yet fun for many players. Right now, sport a wanting handful of shinies is some-more or reduction impossible, yet if every Pokémon had a possibility to be shiny, that would be a lot some-more promising. You could even incentivize people to play like say, each day your locate strain builds, we get 0.X% some-more possibility to find a shiny, however small. we also consider it competence be correct to make shinies 100% IV with maxed stats, so when we got a shiny, we knew it was one we indeed wanted to deposit in, and we weren’t only gripping it around for musical functions alone.


Shiny Charizard

This sounds like a tiny further to a game, yet that’s kind of a point. It’s something Niantic could do instantly. It doesn’t need months of animating a new era or long-term building of new gameplay mechanics, yet apparently a diversion desperately need both. But it would give players a reason to go behind to throwing all a furious Pokémon they see like a good aged days, and it would be so, so elementary to implement.

I’m only carrying a tough time entrance adult with reasons because Niantic shouldn’t do this. we mean, is it unequivocally so critical to drip out shinies during specific events? we unequivocally do not see a indicate of that, nor because it would be improved than only putting them all in a diversion for good, as something new for players to hunt.

Will this occur any time soon? we wouldn’t count on it, yet we can hope, we suppose.

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