The DIY Shift

Jim Lang, attention researcher and boss of Lang Marketing, sat down with Ratchet+Wrench to serve plead his latest Lang Aftermarket iReport. Lang’s reports mix attention information and investigate to benefaction an in abyss demeanour during trends that are prevalent and moulding a automotive aftermarket.

One of Lang’s many recently remarkable trends is a switch of a consumer’s attribute to automobile care, from Do it Yourself (DIY) to Do it For Me (DIFM).

“Technicians comment for over 80% of a work achieved on cars and trucks in a US, 10 or fifteen years ago it was significantly reduce than that,” Lang says.

Lang explains that a switch is due to a few reasons. The initial being a augmenting complexity of vehicles in operation, cars are apropos some-more and some-more difficult and technical. The second reason for a change is simply that a aging consumer race is reduction prone to correct vehicles themselves.

He also attributes a “Do it Yourself” to “Do it For Me” change to a thought that DIY work isn’t that many reduction costly than specialty outlets, and eventually doesn’t save a particular money, generally for some of a some-more ordinarily achieved DIY tasks.

Regardless of a expansion in assistance accessible by flourishing DIY platforms, such as YouTube, Lang says a trend is essentially changeable to some-more of a “Do it For Me” attribute for many consumers.


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