The deadline to register to opinion is today, here’s what we need to know

THE DEADLINE TO register to opinion in this month’s referendum on a Eighth Amendment is today.

People who aren’t certain if they are purebred to opinion can check online or by contacting their internal council.

On 25 May, Irish people will have a event to opinion in a referendum seeking either or not a Eighth Amendment, Article 40.3.3 of a Constitution, should be repealed.

The amendment gives equal inherent standing to a mom and a unborn and effectively bans termination from holding place legally in many scenarios in Ireland.

If we wish to register, forms will need to be physically forsaken into a applicable internal management bureau before tighten of business currently (after being hammered by a garda).

Students’ unions all over Ireland have purebred 26,979 new voters in new months. However, adult to 150,000 immature people (aged 18-29) who are authorised to opinion have not nonetheless registered, according to the National Youth Council of Ireland.


To vote, we contingency be an Irish citizen aged 18 or older. A pass or other form of ID contingency be used when induction and voting.

  • To register to vote, we need an RFA2 form
  • To change your residence on a register, you need an RFA3 form
  • If we recently became an Irish citizen though were purebred to opinion in other Irish elections previously, we need an RFA5 form

For some-more information, watch a next video:


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